Against compulsory revaccination - Dr. Carlo Ruata, 1899

Against compulsory revaccination - Dr. Carlo Ruata, 1899

After a life that we are accused of as antivaccinists for the mere fact of being against compulsory vaccinations, we have decided to purchase, scan and disseminate the writings of Dr. Carlo Ruata (1849 - 1918), professor of Materia Medica and Hygiene at the University. of Perugia, who was the first, perhaps the only, Italian antivaccinist.

Consider that there was only one vaccination at the time and being critical of it meant being technically against 100% vaccines. Ruata in his writings denounced the problems linked to Jennerian vaccination, deaths from smallpox in vaccinated people and the obtuse vaccination policies.

Hoping to please, we propose here seven impetuous and passionate pages against compulsory vaccination. The pamphlet, now unavailable, was printed at his own expense in 1899 and distributed free of charge by Ruata. This is a complaint - appeal against the order of the mayor of Perugia which obliged parents to have the smallpox vaccination repeated, where deemed necessary, under penalty of exclusion from schools.



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