Vaccination: Its history and its effects - Dr. Carlo Ruata, 1912

Vaccination: Its history and its effects - Dr. Carlo Ruata, 1912

Every now and then, launching into the history of vaccination, from its origins, helps to understand many things.

Here a 1912 publication with which Doctor Carlo Ruata, professor of Materia Medica and Hygiene at the University of Perugia, explains the failures of smallpox vaccination in Italy and the unsuccessful "biotechnology" adopted at the time to produce vaccines.

We quote an appeal contained in the text and written directly by Ruata: "He earnestly begs those who, after reading these pages, come in the conviction that every father of a family, every citizen, should know what is said here before blindly handing over the arms of his children to the vaccinator, to make a slight sacrifice by distributing to relatives and friends free of charge that number of copies of this pamphlet that he thinks is convenient. It is a good service rendered to the country "

It's still…

“More than 60 per 100 of the children of the abandoned childhood hospice in our Turin died of vaccine erysipelas ... if those vaccinations had been used in the time of Herod, the slaughter of the innocent would have been useless; the vaccine would have been enough to produce it. The matters were much more serious if, due to smallpox, vaccinations and revaccinations had to be carried out during the year "



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