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  • Author: Peter Rat
  • Publisher: Bibliotheka Editions
  • Publication: 21 March 2021
  • Pages: 176 p., Paperback
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788869347320

In this courageous new essay by Pietro Ratto, the author sheds light on a disturbing phenomenon that is so unknown and deeply undemocratic.

How do large private economic groups manage to influence the politics of individual countries? What origins does lobbying have and how is it regulated in America, Europe and Italy? How does the devious mechanism of the Revolving Door work and how is it used, which the large power groups McKinsey use to influence national and international legislative activity? Who are the main giants of global lobbying and how do they exert their pressure? What connections exist between multinationals such as McKinsey and public institutions such as our National Health System or the European Commission, also in relation to the management of particularly delicate issues such as that of the Covid-19 pandemic and the relative distribution of vaccines, produced by the global pharmaceutical giants ? And above all, what is the former President of the European Central Bank and Primo Italian Minister, Mario Draghi? This new, courageous essay by Pietro Ratto tries to answer these and other questions, aimed at shedding light on a disturbing phenomenon as unknown as it is dangerous and profoundly undemocratic. 


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