Covid-19 book

Liberty and Psyche

Liberty and Psyche
  • Author: Clara Emanuela Curtotti, Laura Maria De Capitani, Paolo Rolfo, Erica Varoli Luce
  • Publisher: Gem Space
  • Publication: 2023
  • Pages: 116 p.

Memories, reflections and perspectives. Four psychologists tell

We have to admit it, this experience is the first for our association and despite having been mentioned in many books, including foreign ones, we have never received such a concrete and clear sign of esteem as the one made by the authors of this book and in presenting it to you, we tell you right away that we are a little bit in emotional conflict of interest…

At the beginning of 2023 we were contacted by a group of psychologists who had decided to write a book based on their experiences with discrimination related to the Covid-19 "pandemic". To our amazement, the authors' will was to give us all the copyrights derived from the publication of their work to thank us for the work done by our association over the years in favor of freedom of choice and against any form of health obligation. Obviously it is we who thank them and who consider ourselves honored by this demonstration of trust.

We now present a brief description of this book, which one of the authors, the psychologist Clara Emanuela Curtotti, kindly sent us:

“The title, on which we ended up after tumultuous confrontations, is a very bold and brazen “double quote” that we hope the reader will forgive us!

The idea was born in the autumn of 2021, from my proposal launched on the Telegram chat: "Psychologists and doctors united for freedom", which my colleagues Erica, Laura and Paolo joined with enthusiasm.
I feel like writing was more of a necessity, a shared need to give voice to our thoughts and our visions with respect to what was happening in the world, in contemporary society, but above all within the psychological community.
Over time the project has evolved following our personal inner evolution and has been defined around the common objective of promoting a wave of awareness and reflections on the evolution which, in our opinion, should embrace the psychology profession, starting from the reconnection with its deepest roots and taking off from the dramatic identity crisis it is going through today.
A heterogeneous work emerged, in which we chose to give space both to more structured contents and expressed in essay form, and to more personal and introspective contents, expressed in an almost poetic form.

The book therefore consists of two parts, each of which is divided into four chapters.
In the first part, the most critical reflections on modern times and on what happened with the advent of the health emergency converge.
In the second part we have collected the contributions of each of us with respect to what we believe the psychology of tomorrow should be.
We wanted to include in the text as "ignored appeals" the letter from Dr. Monica Brogi, sent to the National Order of Psychologists and to the Order of the Tuscany region, in which a critical analysis of the code of ethics is presented, with explicit and punctual reference to those articles that he believes, and we believe, have been violated by the same guarantor bodies of the profession. In addition, both the pioneering Psy Communiqué and the letter addressed to professional orders conceived and written by the Psychologists Coordination are proposed and analysed, as precious historical documents not to be forgotten.

The decision to donate the copyright to Corvelva finally came from the recognition of the tenacious battle that this association started with the first Lorenzin law and which still continues today.

The preface to the text was a gift from dear Don Emanuele Personeni, while the afterword was a gift from tenacious professor Davide Tutino.

Writing represented a wonderful adventure for the four authors, confident that, with the power of printed paper, what we are now trying to bury in the collective conscience should not be forgotten.

Clara Emanuela Curtotti"

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