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Healthy Children Today

Healthy Children Today
  • Author: Robert Gava
  • Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
  • Publication: May 2017
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866730354
  • Can you find it in Corvelva ?: Yes

Advice on how to protect your child from conception to adolescence

Raising your child healthy and healthy is the right concern of every parent, especially nowadays that you are called to become more and more involved and responsible for its evolutionary path.

In this book, Dr. Gava will explain to you like, through the use of some very simple precautions, you can prevent or significantly reduce the main diseases of children, especially the pathologies of the upper respiratory tract, allergies (food and non-food), diseases deriving from imbalances of the immune system and behavioral disorders.

After a first part dedicated to providing some essential information on the current environmental toxicological situation, in second part Dr. Gava will explain how know and protect your child in his developmental stages: pregnancy, childbirth, the period of its physiological and neuro-motor development, during its first and subsequent years.

If you learn to observe your child's most personal characteristics (why and when you get sick, but also how you express the disease) and his psycho-physical behavior, and you will apply this knowledge as explained in the book, you will get to know him and therefore protect him better and better, because you can help him with a personalized therapy suitable only for him and capable of reinforcing his true weaknesses.


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