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The medicine I would like

The medicine I would like
Author: Roberto Gava
Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
Publication: October 2019
Pages: 288
ISBN / EAN: 9788866730743
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Personalized, Integrated and Humanized. After forty years of medical practice, reflections and advice on current disease and medical treatments

Man is neither an object nor a machine, but an extremely complex reality which today, for its care or its maintenance in health, needs a Medicine: Personalized, Integrated and Humanized.

After forty years of medical practice alongside the patient, Dr. Roberto Gava wanted to write in his pages his reflections and his advice on the meaning of the disease and on the crisis of the figure of the doctor.

According to the Author, medicine too often considers only the body part of the patient, forgetting that health also includes the well-being of the psyche and the spirit.

The Doctor's task should therefore be to open up to new diagnostic and therapeutic knowledge and techniques, in order to identify the most suitable and most effective treatment for each Person, without prejudice or preconceptions, but with the sole purpose of healing the Sick he trusts.

The aim of this book is to make you reflect on the limits of our method of treatment, which is almost always hasty and symptomatic, and on the crisis facing contemporary medicine, with the certainty that a temporary difficulty always represents an opportunity for growth.

Here then is the desire of Dr. Gava contained in these pages: to stimulate awareness of the importance of one Personalized, Integrated and Humanized Medicine taking the Reader by the hand and making it grow, page after page, in knowledge and awareness.


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