Vaccines and vaccinations

Super vaccinated children. Learn more for a responsible choice

Super vaccinated children. Learn more for a responsible choice
  • Publisher: The Green Lion
  • Publication: 2012
  • Pages: 355 p.
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788865800379
  • Can you find it in Corvelva ?: Yes

Eugenio Serravalle, a doctor specializing in Preventive Paediatrics, Childcare and Neonatal Pathology, delved into the phenomenon of disease inventions and the study of vaccine compositions, with additives, preservatives and chemicals that can have harmful effects on children's health. Firmly convinced of the usefulness of mass immunization, for years he vaccinated his patients with every vaccine available on the market, until he realized that he accepted without reservation the usual notion that vaccines are always effective and safe . Free from all prejudices, the author has begun to ask himself various questions, those that especially parents ask themselves: do vaccines cause irreversible diseases? Are children too young for vaccinations? Do vaccines cause dangerous reactions to the body? giving too many vaccines at once overloads the immune system? In Super-vaccinated children, the author as a child pediatrician takes on the role of parent, trying to clarify any doubts about vaccination practice: the book therefore wants to guarantee the right to objective and informed information on the risks deriving from vaccinations, on the freedom of choice and care, to provide parents, and others, with all the information they need to make choices independently. In this second edition, everything that the international scientific literature makes available is explored even further, comparing data and clinical research.


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