Vaccines and vaccinations

Pediatric vaccinations

Pediatric vaccinations
  • Publisher: Salus Infirmorum
  • Publication: July 2018
  • Pages: 1056
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866730484
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A pharmacologist, toxicologist, describing and commenting more than 2.400 scientific studies takes stock of scientific knowledge in the vaccination field

A pharmacologist, toxicologist, describing and commenting on more than 2.200 scientific studies, takes stock of scientific knowledge in the vaccine field, the personalized use of vaccines and their risk / benefit ratio in light of current socio-sanitary and environmental conditions

Pediatric vaccinations, for many years, have been a highly debated public health topic worldwide, not only for their scientific complexity and for the risk / benefit ratio in the individual, but also for their political implications.

Dr. Roberto Gava, clinical pharmacologist-toxicologist who has been studying the effects of vaccines on the population for more than twenty years, firmly supports the need for personalized vaccination therapy.

In this book theAuthor examines the vaccination topic in the light of his knowledge and experience, maintaining a simple and easily understandable language even by non-doctors.

The aim is to provide a scientific and objective view of vaccinations, trying to answer the questions that each parent can ask themselves, such as:
• Are vaccines useful for my son in Italy today?
• Are vaccines harmless to my child?
• Is an unvaccinated child a danger to today's community?
• Does an unvaccinated child enjoy greater overall health than a vaccinated child?
• What are the most important vaccines, at what age and how could they be inoculated?
• Are mass pediatric vaccinations moving infectious diseases to adults?
• What are my child's conditions that could advise me to postpone vaccinations?
• What are the first signs of possible vaccination damage?

These and many other doubts will be answered in these pages, rich in content and ideas that will satisfy even the most demanding reader to make him grow gradually in knowledge and awareness, two essential foundations for maintaining or regaining our and our children's health.

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