Vaccines and vaccinations


  • Author: Girolamo Giannotta
  • Publication: 2017
  • ISBN / EAN: 9781541274129

Between mystifications and mysteries

My only recommendation that I address to all of you is to not use the information contained therein to make personal decisions about whether or not to be vaccinated: what I have produced serves to make people think who must make the right public health decisions. To you the task of pushing the aforementioned authorities to the necessary reflection. Without this premise, the book is the result of the consultation of a large medical literature that includes over 500 articles dedicated to meningococcus. My intent is to make you understand that it is a bacterium with great adaptability thanks to the great genomic plasticity that characterizes it. This plasticity allows him to continuously modify his antigens and enzymes and to adapt the expression of his genes to the environmental conditions of the ecological niches that host him. From these few considerations it is immediately clear that there are few real possibilities to eliminate it from the scene with vaccination campaigns that often create the conditions to modify the capsule, against which many vaccines are directed, and leave space in the ecological niche for the replacement of the serogroup. Ample space is dedicated to the sexual transmission of meningococci which inaugurate new scenarios not yet thoroughly studied. Particular attention is then paid to healthy carriers, who on the one hand represent a vaccination target, and on the other are able, in this condition, to produce their natural immunity autonomously which defends them from invasive disease (IMD). better than vaccination because the immunity thus produced is more extensive due to a cross-reactivity already demonstrated. Finally, I treated the "Tuscany Case" and particular attention was paid to the IMD clinic, where I tried to indicate the different clinical pictures and the symptoms that characterize them, in order to identify early those entities that do not have a fulminant course , and that for this reason they allow time for health and sick people.

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