Mass Vaccinations: Success or Failure?

Mass Vaccinations: Success or Failure?
Author: Fabio Franchi
Publisher: Youcanprint
Publication: November 7, 2019
Pages: 150
ISBN / EAN: 9788831645775
(Reading time: 1 minute)

It is time to take stock of the war waged against benign diseases, transformed by regime propaganda into "scourges" to be eliminated at any cost. The creation of a new dogma, that of the "Immaculate Vaccination", was necessary to make absolutely irrational solutions accepted. Severe punishment and social exclusion are reserved for those who do not comply. At the same time, the Health Authorities and experts well selected by the "mainstream" continue to support their version of the absolute safety of the measures adopted, in spite of any evidence, even though it is also present in their documents. The historical phases that led to the increasing coverage of the vaccination are retraced. The topics discussed here are limited to some diseases and related vaccines (which involve adverse events), and are focused only on the most relevant aspects. Eloquent graphs and an adequate bibliography accompany them. There is an analysis of the consequences due to the current political guidelines wrongly considered "scientific". What has become of the Scientific Method and what does "medical consent" mean in a context of compulsoryness are other topics touched upon.