Vaccines and vaccinations

Vaccines: guide for an informed choice

Vaccines: guide for an informed choice
  • Publisher: Terra Nuova Publishers
  • Publication: September 2018
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788866813811
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A manual for parents and health professionals with all the information necessary to deepen the topic of vaccinations.

There is often little information on vaccinations and they are rarely accurate, complete and transparent. The choice of vaccine therefore risks becoming a question of "supporters", according to the slogan that is shouted louder on TV. While it is good that it is a weighted choice based on scientific data and evidence, even the "uncomfortable" ones, because in the literature there are. This is the work that Neil Z. Miller does in his book, in which he collected, analyzed, ordered and presented broad spectrum information on vaccines, especially those for children.

A very interesting and revealing picture emerges on the risk-benefit relationships of mass vaccinations, on the possible side effects, on the background of institutional and academic choices, on the damages ascertained and much more. Along with the text you will also find graphs and tables.

The Italian edition has been adapted and integrated with national and European data concerning the actual morbidity and mortality of the diseases and the potential side effects of the vaccines used. Information regarding reported and reportable adverse events and recognized vaccine damage was also included.
This manual is an important aid for all those who want to make an informed and informed choice regarding the vaccinations of their children.

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