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Vaccines: yes or no?

Vaccines: yes or no?
Author: Stefano Montanari, Antonietta M. Gatti
Publisher: Macro Editions
Publication: September 2019
Pages: 128
ISBN / EAN: 9788828504726

Analyzes and laboratory photos with the electron microscope of the substances present in the vaccines

An unregulated war is underway with which institutions are fighting to prevent - no matter how - embarrassing news about vaccines leaked.

“In vaccines we were looking for inorganic micro and nanoparticles; at the beginning believing by faith that we would never find any. And, instead, we always found them, in every sample. With these unexpected findings, we thought we had done a service to the vaccine producers who now, learning of the fact, would have taken steps to eliminate the intruders. But it wasn't like that ... "[The authors]

What are vaccines? How were they born? What do they contain?
How are they administered?
How effective are they and how deleterious are they?
What links are there between vaccines, autism and other diseases?

In this updated and expanded version, scientists Stefano Montanari and Antonietta Gatti provide the answers to all these questions by presenting their research in the laboratory on different vaccines.

Herd immunities, duration of coverage, vaccine efficacy, antibiotics present, lack of control group studies, military vaccines, correlations with autism cases, hexavalents, easy authorizations are described. propaganda, the cover-up of negative data, individual response, natural immunity, the harmlessness of many infectious diseases, false epidemics, the influence of the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.


It is very important that you can have all the knowledge to choose freely.
Health is yours and you are not obliged to put it in the hands of other people, especially that of your children.


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