Vaccines and vaccinations

Vaccines Yes, Obligations No

Vaccines Yes, Obligations No
  • Publisher: Editions Libreria Cortina Verona
  • Publication: November 2017
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN / EAN: 9788877492043
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Pediatric vaccinations between scientific evidence and rights provided for in the Italian constitution

Vaccines are useful means of preventing infectious diseases and should be recommended as part of a therapeutic advice that requires the informed consent of the patient or parents. However, the imposition of 10 vaccines on the pediatric segment of the population raises doubts for various technical-scientific reasons, there is the possibility that it proves useless for the health of the community or even counterproductive.

Since the Constitution protects the health of the individual and the interest of the community, what it must be verified in the first place whether the imposition of a specific healthcare treatment is really necessary and, in the alternative, if this treatment does not have consequences which, due to the prolonged effect over time and the extent of the same, exceed a normal and tolerable intensity.

These issues are addressed using the most recent knowledge of epidemiology, immunology and general pathology.

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