Censorship and vaccines on Facebook: Zuckerberg nailed to the USA

Convened by the "Chamber of Financial Services" to discuss Facebook's cryptocurrency, the CEO was asked about the most disparate issues. Among these, also that of Congressman Posey regarding recent behavior fascists of the American giant.

As you know, unfortunately, Facebook and other platforms are monitoring heavily, if you want to call it as well censorship, what happens on social media when it comes to vaccinations. Pages deleted, one above all Natural News by Mike Adams, others hidden by search results. Or a simple one change to the algorithm ( yes, it happened to us too )
Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube : they are all doing the same thing.

Wednesday October 23, the Facebook CEO has been convened by the committee of the Chamber of Financial Services to discuss the cryptocurrency proposed by Zuckerberg. Such an opportunity could not be wasted, and questions of all kinds flocked: in Italy the one that stood out was the question su Cambrigde Analytica done from Ocasio-Cortez.
We take another question under consideration, that by pure chance has not received any articles about it in our country: that of MP Posey, regarding the censorship in place when talking about the risks of vaccinations.

Just to be clear, this is a problem that does not only concern vaccinations : we use Facebook now daily, and for many it is an important tool. Already since 2016 the first problems arose on thecensorship topic, at least in the USA.

In short, Posey asks Zuckerberg

“We consider that in the USA there is a fund that compensates those injured by vaccinations, and the bill is now over $ 4 billion and over 400.000 people compensated. I think, all the more reason, that it is necessary everyone can comment on the safety and risks of vaccinations, even in a different way from the conventional one. How do you prevent certain content from spreading? You who always say you are on the side of people, that you want them to be able to express themselves freely, do you think this is the right thing? IS Do you think vaccines never hurt anyone, 100%? Think twice before turning your back on these people, as we often talk about families with disabled children. "

This Zuckerberg's answer

“We really feel that people want us to stop this wrong information which could lead to damage, especially as regards health! I don't think anyone thinks you can be 100% sure vaccines never hurt, though the scientific community it tells us how important vaccination is for everyone.
We don't stop these people from talking about it, we don't stop people from talking about it on their wall, there are many groups for example in which they can discuss certain topics. What we do is change the search results algorithm, so as not to be sent back to content defined as "novax". We do not recommend certain groups or pages that may have "novax" discussions. However, if you completely enter the name of the group or the page you are interested in, you will find it. "

Ah thank goodness! Thanks Mark.

Meanwhile, who are these people who want to stop certain questions, certain contents? Careful to say who, they will be simple desperate users because they cannot tolerate the misinformation that novax do? Rightly, the ministerial summits are never wrong, see Lorenzin and Great Britain.

Which scientific community? As we have always said, we talk about something that doesn't exist! A myth.

Are you sure you don't stop people from talking about it on your wall? I personally know dozens of people who have been suspended from the platform due to their posts. A nice bullshit, who knows if he was under oath. Anyway, admitted and remembered what we all knew: an ad hoc modification of the algorithm, that hides topics Novax. 

Bilingualism is in fashion: hiding has become not encouraging.

Obviously, health and corruption and much more is only in the interest of novax, it is not something that should be of interest to the whole community. Indeed, it unleashes their anger and indignation. Even if then, many novax are unfortunately provex who on their own skin, or that of their loved ones, have experienced what it meant to get vaccinated, and expose themselves to risks.

Even if in Italy this little debate will not have the same echo, thank you Posey: I hope that yours were not words in the wind



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