Burioni mocked us for our research, now the data are clear - Pasquale Bacco

The study conducted by the professor of forensic medicine Pasquale Mario Bacco together with his team has come to conclusions capable of questioning many of the absolute Truths screamed so far with unified networks. The most shocking conclusion is that in Italy the virus had already infected more than 2019% of the population since October 35, while in February 2020 there were still those from the TV lounges reassured institutions and citizens explaining that for Italy the risk was zero. The research, conducted on 7 thousand people throughout Italy and financed by Meleam SpA, also clarifies the number of deaths: "The numbers of the Civil Protection are bogus - explains Bacchus - the virus has no possibility of killing a healthy person, the risk of 'is only for those with a low immune response. "

And as for the treatments: "If the virus recurs again in October it will be very different from what it is now, for this reason the vaccine will not solve anything, the solution is there and it's called a drug".

Download the full study:


  1. the real presence of COVID-19 on the national territory. 30% of the population came into contact with COVID19;
  2. the incidence of climate in the development and selection of COVID19: COVID19, like all coronaviruses, is influenced in a decisive manner by the climate. Then it will disappear in the summer and then reappear as the temperatures drop.
  3. Which are the most exposed areas of Italy: being sensitive to the climate, COVID19 will always manifest itself in a more incisive way in the colder areas of Italy. So even at the same "concentration", the pathogenicity of the virus will always be greater in the north, compared to southern Italy / Europe.
  4. Concrete indications of the virus's movement on the national territory: COVID19 has moved south from the end of 2019 and was already present at the beginning of 2020 (result evidenced by the incidence of IGG among the positives). Lower concentrations and less aggressive ability due to the climate have made the majority of infections, especially the first ones, almost asymptomatic.
  5. The incidence of asymptomatic: almost 90% of the infected did not experience any of the symptoms attributable to COVID19, first of all the increase in body temperature.
  6. The real mortality rate: COVID19 direct mortality does not exceed 2%. If the age group over 55 years is not considered, the incidence falls below 1%.
  7. The role, in the diffusion, of the various age groups: the real greasers were the subjects up to the age of 30, almost always completely asymptomatic, they infected and amplified the rest of the diffusion.
  8. Confirmation of the role of estrogen on the expression of cellular receptors, in the lower incidence in the female sex: women everywhere, except in very rare cases, have a lower incidence of the ability of COVID19 to infect. It is therefore evident that they present a more difficult obstacle for the virus in the initial phase of the infection (where cellular receptors are fundamental), rather than in the clinical manifestation.
  9. The most exposed subjects: the youngest age groups, at least up to 30 years of age, have an incidence of antibody positivity more than double compared to the older ones, which instead are the ones that almost only manifest the symptoms.
  10. Correlation between the habit of smoking and infection: the percentage of positives among smokers is slightly higher (+ 3%), but not such as to be able to determine a valid conclusion; with an excess of zeal we could link it to the immune response which in smokers is generally slower and less effective. We certainly know that the clinical course is strongly influenced by being or not smoking for various reasons, the most important of which is a basal inflammatory condition that accentuates the damage caused by the disease.
  11. Correlation between flu vaccination and infection: the data deny the possibility of greater exposure to the virus of the vaccinated subjects.
  12. Correlation between eating habits (vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous feeding) and incidence of infection: no significant difference was found between subjects with different eating habits, except for a slight higher incidence in omnivores. Also in this case it can be hypothesized that a notoriously slower and less effective immune response in habitual animal protein consumers could play a role, with mechanisms similar to smoking.
  13. Incidence on subjects with beta thalassemia: the beta thalassemia tested were, except for 5, all negative. This would confirm that the alteration of beta chains is a very valid prophylaxis for covid19, much more effective than as a therapy.

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