Coronavirus, Zaia: "If it loses strength it means that it is artificial"

'I say something that will anger someone: if the virus loses strength it means that it is artificial. A virus doesn't lose strength with this speed, if it loses strength then it probably could be artificial in nature. A lot has been written about this virus, it goes away so fast in my opinion there is something artificial about it ''. This was said by the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, in the usual live Facebook press point.

reopenings - Activities? '' I hope the government decides to say something in these hours. If they had decided not to present new decrees, therefore in theory to open everything from the 18th, it is essential that we tell the citizens, we cannot say on the 17th in the evening the commercial activities open tomorrow morning. It doesn't work like this: we open but in a programmed way. We must also organize our prevention services. I also hope that the guidelines are reasonable and do not complicate citizens' lives. A table every 4 meters? If you put it in your home and not in a restaurant, it would mean closing all restaurants. Scientific exercise is one thing, real life is another. I hope the prime minister will appear on TV tonight and tell us something. I understand that yesterday he already had a report from the technical-scientific committee on the progress of the infection during the week, I imagine that the prime minister tells the country what he wants to do. If you want advice: make a Dpcm with a single article, in which he says the Regions are delegated, in the face of the presentation of a plan, to the reopenings ''.

Cable cars and lifts? ''We support the reopening of everything. We no longer have Ateco codes, according to us in compliance with the health indications, we are to try to reopen everything. And so do my fellow governors, '' said Zaia.

MASKS - As for the masks, '' we are receiving many photos of people who do not use the mask. It must be clear that if you do not use the risk of reopening outbreaks and recontagation is high, the risk is to thunder back with quarantines and to give reason to those who say it should not be opened. It is a minimal commitment that we ask, the appeal to everyone is to do team action. We get pictures of people at the supermarket with or without a mask around their neck. The use of the mask is essential, relapse would be a tragedy, even from an economic point of view, it would mean closing all activities '' he warned.

THE BUDGET - Then, taking stock of the cases in Veneto, the governor explained: '' We have reached 432 thousand tampons, 10 thousand more than yesterday. There are 5.163 people in isolation, 340 fewer than yesterday, isolation is also falling. The positives in Veneto are 18.671, 53 more than yesterday. We are not concerned about numbers. There are 822 hospitalized, 88 less than yesterday. There are 78 people in intensive care, one less than yesterday. There are 1252 dead, plus nine compared to yesterday. ''



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