Covid-19 - GPs: "treating at home to save patients"

Covid-19 - GPs: "treating at home to save patients"

Dr. Andrea Stramezzi: "... giving the tachipirina at home while awaiting vigilante is madness. We could have empty hospitals and we would not have a bulletin of all these deaths. They are more than 70.000 dead, let's say that maybe at the beginning not we knew it, but at least 50.000 of these 70.000 could have been avoided ... "

After such a declaration what happened in Italy? Absolutely nothing of course.

Are they the only doctors in the world who say more can and should be done to avoid most deaths? Absolutely not, in almost every nation there is a large group of doctors who go against the single thought of terror.

Here we would like to remind everyone that Article 32 of the Italian Constitution did not write it to allow 4 politicians to impose health obligations, but to reiterate that "the Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual" and if there are any of possible cures, hiding them is criminal!


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