Covid vaccines on children, British doctors: "Stop immediately, neurological damage and infertility"

Covid vaccines on children, British doctors: "Stop immediately, neurological damage and infertility"

The interview of Prof. G. Frajese, university professor and specialized in endocrinology to a team of English doctors

We have heard everything and the opposite of everything about Covid-19 vaccines, it is not easy to form an opinion and make decisions. It is not easy to extricate oneself from the tangle of contradictory and often false information that comes to us from the media and even less in a debate where everyone intervenes with judgments that they do not want to question.

As always, answers are needed, but the right answers are only found when you ask the right questions. To help you find them, we asked a series of questions team of British doctors (Unite4Truth), which expressed itself in particular on the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to children and young people.

Because if it is difficult to make an informed decision that concerns ourselves, it is even more difficult to have the responsibility to choose instead of our children.

Let's hear what they have to tell us in this interview, where to question them is a local doctor: Prof. Giovanni Vanni Frajese, university professor and specialized in endocrinology.

The interview with Prof. Frajese

Prof. Frajese: first of all can you explain to us who you are and why did you think of addressing public opinion?

British Doctors: We are a group of doctors operating in Great Britain and would like to inform you of our grave concerns regarding proposals to administer COVID-19 vaccines to children and young people. Documented problems, which are ignored by many health professionals, political representatives and government bodies. Those who, like us, try to expose the situation are ignored, fired or censored.

Prof. Frajese: I am a doctor and a university professor, but what do you say? Don't you realize that at this moment it is essential to vaccinate everyone, so that they can live again? How can you as doctors instill fear in the population? It's incredible.

English Doctors: This is what worries us. Government documents suggest that the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine in children over the age of 12 is already planned for September 2021.

Prof. Frajese: Certainly, the vaccination plan will include immunizing the entire population in different age groups.

British Doctors: Vaccines, like any other medical treatment, carry various risks and benefits. The risk-benefit ratio changes a lot depending on the age of the patient to whom it is administered. For Covid-19 vaccines, the potential benefits are evident for the elderly and vulnerable patients, however, for children, the balance of benefits and risks would be very different.

Vaccines that harmed children and adolescents: the precedents

Prof Frajese: But what are you saying? They would never test unsafe vaccines on children!

British Doctors: Remember the swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix? Launched in the aftermath of the 2010 pandemic, it resulted in over a thousand cases of devastating brain injury (narcolepsy) in children and adolescents before being withdrawn. Then there was Dengvaxia, a new Dengue vaccine, which was also distributed to children before the full study results and about twenty died from a possible increase in immune response due to antibodies, before the vaccine was withdrawn. We must not risk repeating such mistakes with Covid-19 vaccines: the impact would be devastating, not only for the affected population, but on the vaccination campaign in general.

Prof Frajese: But what is your point?

British Doctors: No medical intervention should be introduced for everyone, but different measures should be taken for each age group and people. This approach was outlined last October by the head of the UK government vaccine task force, Kate Bringham, who said: “We just need to vaccinate everyone who is at risk. There will be no vaccination for people under 18. Vaccine only for people over 50, focusing on health care workers, home carers and vulnerable individuals.

Prof Frajese: It seems sensible to me, to protect the categories at risk and not run the risk of damaging the other categories.

British Doctors: Healthy children have very little chance of contracting Covid-19, with a 1 in 2,5 million risk of death. No previously healthy children under the age of 15 died during the pandemic in the UK. Hospitalization or ICU admissions are extremely rare, most children are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms.

Anti-Covid vaccine on children: also harmful for herd immunity

Prof Frajese: However, the problem of herd immunity remains, which is important for the elderly and frail people.

British doctors: "The immunity developed naturally by children and young people will give a broader and more lasting general immunity than that acquired with vaccination."

Prof Frajese: Tell us why many children will already be immune.

British doctors: Already two-thirds of the English adult population, for example, has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. The models that assume that vaccination of children is necessary to achieve herd immunity did not take into account the percentage of those who already had immunity before March 2020, those who acquired it naturally. "

Prof Frajese: You in England are ahead with vaccination compared to Italy, but have you already achieved herd immunity?

British doctors: mathematical models have recently developed calculations that confirm that it has been reached since April 12, 2021. Nevertheless, the vaccination campaign for increasingly younger age groups continues. On May 13, the MHRA received a total of 224.544 adverse events (undesirable individual drug reactions) including 1.145 deaths in association with SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, in England alone. Reports of strokes due to cerebral venous thrombosis were initially limited, but with increasing awareness, many other reports have led to the conclusion that the AstraZeneca vaccine should not be used for adults under 40 years of age and this result, unpredictable, also led to the suspension of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine trial on children. "

The dangers of the Spike protein

Prof Frajese: Yes, in fact, not many want to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

English Doctors: Unfortunately, similar events have also been observed with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines on the United States Adverse Event Reporting System (Vaers). This is likely to be an effect due to the Spike protein. The possibility of further health problems cannot be ruled out. In Israel, where vaccines have been widely distributed to young people and adolescents, Pfizer vaccine has been linked to several cases of myocarditis in boys, and concerns have been raised about reports of altered menstrual cycles and abnormal bleeding in girls after the vaccine.

Prof Frajese: The Americans don't seem to say the same, the vaccine is safe even for children, all the most famous experts say so.

British Doctors: The most worrying thing regarding the possible vaccination of children is that there have been a disturbing number of deaths recently reported (4178), associated with vaccination, reported to the VAERS system in the United States. One group, America's Frontline Doctors, is suing the government and has collected 672,952 signatures to stop the use of experimental vaccines. In Israel, 1600 deaths from the same cause are currently estimated.

Prof Frajese: You are not reassuring me, I have a teenage daughter.

British doctors: All phase 3 studies on the Covid-19 vaccine are ongoing and are not expected to conclude before the end of 2022 / early 2023. The vaccines are, therefore, currently still experimental with only a limited amount of adult safety data. short-term, and absolutely no long-term data available. Additionally, many are using an entirely new mRNA vaccine technology that has never previously been approved for use in humans. The mRNA is a prodrug and it is unknown how much spike protein an individual will produce. Potential late-onset effects can take months or years to become apparent. The limited studies in children undertaken to date are completely underpowered and cannot rule out serious, although uncommon, side effects.

Prof Frajese: But children have their whole life ahead of them!

British Doctors: Yes, and their immunological and neurological systems are still developing, potentially making them more vulnerable to adverse effects than adults. Links with autoimmune diseases and possible effects on fertility have already been highlighted. A recently published paper raised the possibility that Covid-19 mRNA vaccines could trigger neurodegenerative, prion-based diseases. But the most important thing is that all risks, be they potential, known and unknown, must be considered on the scales against the risks of Covid19 itself. "

Benefit / risk calculation for children does not support administration

Prof Frajese: So a very different risk / benefit ratio will have to be applied to children than to adults. It seems logical to me.

English Doctors: There is an important wisdom in the Hippocratic Oath which states: "First: do no harm". All medical interventions carry a risk, so we have a duty to act with caution and proportionality. This is especially true when mass intervention on an absolutely healthy population is being considered. There must be clear evidence of benefits far outweighing the harm. Current available evidence clearly shows that the calculation of risk versus benefit does NOT support the administration of Covid-19 vaccines in children. The international charter of the rights of the child states that “the child, due to his physical and mental immaturity, needs special protection and care, including adequate legal protection”. As adults, we have a duty to protect children from unnecessary and unpredictable harm.

We conclude that it is irresponsible, as it is unnecessary, to include children under 18 in the national Covid-19 vaccination. Clinical trials in children also pose enormous ethical dilemmas, in light of the lack of potential benefits for study participants, and as yet unknown risks. It would be necessary to wait until the end of the current Phase 3 studies and several years of safety data in adults to exclude or quantify any potential adverse effects.

Prof Frajese: And what do you propose?

British doctors: We ask our governments and authorities not to vaccinate children against Covid-19. Extreme caution has been exercised on many aspects of the pandemic, but surely now is the most important time to exercise true caution: we do not want to be the generation of adults who, out of haste and fear, risk the health of children.

Prof Frajese: You convinced me, I agree.

Prof. Giovanni Vanni Frajese


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