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«Ghettoized unvaccinated children? Pure exploitation »

«Ghettoized unvaccinated children? Pure exploitation »

«I take note with regret of the exploitation of some families on the subject vaccines.

I am even more sorry that the families with whom I had a clarification meeting a few days before happen with the protagonists ». The councilor for education of the Municipality of Verona, Stefano, told ANSA Bertacco, replying to the Corvelva association, the Veneto Regional Coordination for the Freedom of Vaccinations, which it had reported alleged discrimination against children whose parents have not yet submitted documentation on mandatory vaccinations.

"The request for documents by August 21 - specified Bertacco - was made only and exclusively to protect childreni to guarantee them a linear path since the beginning of the school year, which avoids changes that are harmful to the peaceful insertion of children. The date has been set for organizational issues as the nests opened on September XNUMXst, and we have even anticipated the ministerial circular issued late yesterday evening by the Ministry which clarifiedto definitively what was the documentation to present ».

"On accusations ghettoization - he added - I would not even like to answer, but I think it is appropriate that the Veronese know that the children have been looked after, have eaten and have been constantly followed by an operator as usual, and with the sensitivity and accuracy that every day characterizes the work of the Education staff so as to bring our services to levels of excellence ".

«I want to reassure everyone that among the educational principles of our staff cruelty is not contemplatedBertacco concluded.

Source: The Arena


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