The 5G-2a part: DNA damage and no insurance compensation against EMF effects

The 5G-2a part: DNA damage and no insurance compensation against EMF effects

In the sequel the second part [here the first] of my translation summary of Sasha Stone which investigates the science (and its shortage) behind wireless technology and its harmful effects on the human population and especially on children.
The documentary, reported at the end of the article, is a collage of authoritative comments and explanations by experts and activists and highlights how much the industry wants to avoid recognizing what is an overwhelming evidence: the 5G is not only harmful, but it is also a real threat to humanity and biological life.

The documentary features armament development experts, molecular biologists, cell scientists, microscope analysts, activists who outline first-hand the science behind 5G and electromagnetic radiation. Here is the second roundup of experts and their research:

Direct energy weapons

Dr Thomas Joseph Brown, director of Sciences, New Earth University
Regular 2,4 GHz wifi is in the same range as the microwave oven and is also called the radar range. However, it is not the maximum water absorption value for microwave frequencies. But it is nevertheless the point that allows complete penetration because if it reached its maximum, it would avoid heating up inside. Basically it's the wifi.

now 5G has 60GHz and that's what they call "active scatter weapons". (min 32.15 of the video): [this frequency] drives people away and burns the skin, it does not penetrate but 60GHz is the frequency of absorption of the oxygen molecule. What we breathe is actually O2, oxygen, therefore being bombed with 60 GHz could well impair the absorption of oxygen in our body and therefore the very basis of our life system.

Martin-Paul says that putting tens of millions of 5G antennas without a single biological safety test is the stupidest idea anyone could ever have had in the history of the world.

So we have experts in various fields… for example firefighters, who have cognitive problems to be close to these sources, as are some schools.

Let's remember what he said Steiner in 1924 just thinking about the radio ... that would cause problems in the cognitive functions of people. They can receive news from all over the world, but at the same time they cannot understand it because of the effects of electricity. We must therefore say that there is a very sinister stench here ...

Insurance companies do not indemnify against EMF

It is also a fact that most insurance companies do not compensate for the effects of electromagnetic fields. Worldwide, telecommunications companies are warning their investors of possible high costs, as a consequence of the alleged or actual risks related to EMF pollution (electromagnetic fields) and therefore deriving from their products.

Interestingly, they alert their investors but don't tell their clients. Basically they are silent because it is from them that the money comes. We are using technology that could potentially be very harmful to us. Investors know this, but their only concern is that they could lose money and not that our health could be affected.

Why are they not insured? It's not that they chose to self-assure, it's that they come rejected by insurance companies because they understand the risk. So the big insurance companies won't insure telecommunications?

But there are also what are called secondary insurance companies, which are the ones that insure insurance companies. If by chance a company is unable to cope with the charges, then the secondary company comes into play.

Let's say for example how Lloyd's in London? That's right, just like that. Two leaders in the field are Lloyd's in London and Swiss Ria. They both told the insurance company not to insure the wireless industry, which is why they are not. They must prevent health-related lawsuits.

With the Fifth Generation it is really a whole other game ... psychological weapons

Max Igan,
it's not just about using the same technology, here they are switching to military grade millimeter wave technology. If we look at this technology, and if you look at DARPA reports, the patents that the US military has put on it have revealed what they can do with the psychological weapons... crowd control, active denial, and much more ... that's all they can do with 5G. So any type of military application you can think of, has an electromagnetic base, as if they were putting a blanket on the population.

President Eisenhower, farewell speech in 1961
(...) in government we must warn that we are gaining influence without guarantee. Whether or not this is desired by the military-industrial complex, there is potential for a disastrous rise in abuse of power and this will persist. We must never allow the weight of this combination to endanger our democratic freedoms and processes

Electromagnetic field blackout
The FFC (Federal Communications Commission) has strategically kidnapped the legal system, and has silenced all potential threats affecting the launch of 5G infrastructure. The FCC is a captive entity that has carried out what I believe is the biggest public fraud ever.

Blake Levitt, New York Times reporter
This body has been described by writer Norman Alster, of the Harvard University Center for Ethics, as the most "impounded" body in DC, an organization that acts more like a support industry than a regulator. All this is particularly true today, especially with 5G, where there are serious concerns about the security of perhaps misleading information that comes from FCC.
For example the former FCC president, Tom Wheeler, he has been the head of the Wireless Lobby Association for 14 years. Now let's remember that Obama told us that there would be no lobbyists in his administration. To do this ... he took the largest lobby and put him in charge of the FCC.

In 1993, the FCC together with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), passed a law that set current standards for the acceptable limit of EMF (electromagnetic fields) radiation. All our Health Authorities objected to this, saying it made no sense to adopt an association of engineers without even a doctor on his team. But they are indemnified against lawsuits for adverse health effects. Acceptable limits are however higher than the limits currently indicated as adverse effects.

In 1996, President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act into law. Section 704 of the TCA states that no environmental or health concerns can interfere with the placement of telecommunication equipment. Another thing done by this section 704 is to take the power away from the state to regulate the health issue related to the placement of cell phone antennas. It means that if they want to place an antenna tower in front of your house, you can't go to your city council [in the US] to say stop it because you don't want it. (min 40 ')

In 1999 the FDA & NTP (National Toxicology Program) began a study that would have lasted 16 years and cost $ 30 million, to examine the effects of EMF radiation. In 2016, a report was partially made public.

A large US government study on mice finds a link between cell phones and cancer. It is the first ever government study that links cell phone radiation to cancer, that of the brain. Why would you want to prevent a discussion about health if there is no health problem?

Dr. Ruggiero (42 ', 18 "), molecular biologist
When those studies were done years ago, no one knew of the importance of the microbiota, nor of the immune system and even less of the role of the microbiota inside our brain, that is, the microbes that normally rest inside our brain, whose influence on our brain is immense.

Of course it is normal to think, but who cares about microbes, the less they are, the better for us. Now we know it's not quite like that, because microbes they are truly essential for the development and function of all our organs and systems. Our immune system is based on microbes that we have in the intestines and our brain also has microbes that influence its function.

It has been discovered with tests that substances such as mold for example if grown in a Faraday cage will grow even if there are electromagnetic fields around. If you remove the Faraday cage, about 600 types of biotoxins will develop inside the mold due to the effects of electromagnetic fields on it. Even a weak electromagnetic field quality has an effect on our microbiota which is truly essential for our whole being.

And this [5G] will eviscerate the Microbial DNA in humans, which is our number one operating system. It may not have influence on laboratory experiments on human DNA, in fact they say it does not, but given that human DNA is less than 1% of cellular DNA in the human body, the rest of the cellular DNA is microbial and we know this will eviscerate the microbial DNA. We are therefore talking about the dismantling the operating system of humans ...

You have to consider that the DNA also works as an antenna fractal capable of send and receive and also process signals in the form of radio frequencies. Here then there is no doubt that artificial radio frequencies such as those of cellular antennas and particularly of these new types of towers (antennas) which have a much higher density of signals, may somehow interfere with the ability DNA to retain and transmit biological signals. This is a level of danger that only very few biologists are aware of.

Dr Thomas Joseph Brown
France has banned wifi in kindergartens and warned in regular schools why they found it disturbances in children's learning ability if they wander around the wifi and have to put warnings where they put the wifi transmitters.

Dr. Magda Havas
We are doing experiments on children, exposing them to microwave radiation for 6 hours a day during the school day. We have no studies looking at long-lasting effects on both young people and adults. A considerable amount of research indicates that i developing bodies and brains of children are more affected than adults. And there are clear indications of a link between increased electromagnetic fields and autistic disorders.

Dr Klinghardt
We took ten autistic children, and brought them back to where the mother slept when she was pregnant with the child and compared them to the place where the mother of a healthy born child slept. We therefore had ten mothers for each of these two groups.

In the first case we found that the measurements related to microwave exposure were high compared to those of the second group.

The fetus is affected by exposure to man-made magnetic fields and this has become the first factor that could be isolated in autism and that could predict autism


translation and summary: M.Cristina Bassi for

FIRST PART translated video



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