Infants sold: 30 children given up for adoption in Italy. Mothers deceived by doctors and nurses

Infants sold: 30 children given up for adoption in Italy. Mothers deceived by doctors and nurses
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The ferocious choice took place immediately outside the delivery room. "Madam, your baby was born with a very serious malformation and needs expensive and continuous care." This is how one thirty Armenian women they were forced - through lies and deceit - to abandon their child in hospital to give him up for adoption. Compliant doctors and nurses, connecting links of a very large international network that leads up to Italy, certified to desperate mothers that their baby was born malformed, with serious disabling pathologies.

The Armenian National Security Service opened a Yerevan, the capital of the Armenian Republic, an articulated investigation (of which the Italian government has also been warned) which led to the devastating discovery of a network that facilitated the international adoption of children. A horrible traffic of Infants from the Caucasian country e going to Italy. At least thirty children who would have so far been stolen from their families of origin by deception.

In practice, mothers and fathers, generally extremely poor and socially weak families, were diagnosed with severe malformation of the newborn. In fact, the communication of having given birth to a handicapped child encouraged desperate couples to give him up for adoption. The psychological pressures they were exercised with the complicity of different figures between medical and nursing staff. In the meantime, there were those who took steps to pave the way for subsequent bureaucratic passages, in total violation of the laws in force which are rather restrictive in Armenia. A few days ago the Armenian police released a statement in which not only confirmed the existence of a trafficking in children but left unsettling questions about the reasons for this horrendous trade.

"The purpose for which the children were adopted or fell into the hands of organ traffickers is not yet clear. For this case one has already been activated Commission appropriate and in charge of further investigations ». The first confirmed case dates back to January of this year. Police confirmed that so far they have been arrested two Armenian citizens who used their contacts in hospital and social settings: they were the ones who favored the entry of newborns into orphanages from where legal adoptions were organized "by citizens of the Italian Republic who actually took custody of the young".

The investigation that has just opened is bringing up a cross section of extreme poverty and psychological pressures on moms who persuaded themselves that they were unable to provide materially for their baby. Some girls, immediately after giving birth, were told that their baby was marked for life, hopelessly ill, suffering from disabling pathologies. The economic conditions of the families determined an almost obligatory choice and the mothers ended up abandoning their son and immediately signing the documents necessary for the adoption. At this point a well-tested network of accomplices of doctors and nurses came into operation. A path that leads to Italy.