Aifa, the conflict of interest for Pecorelli confirmed. Now he expects Lorenzin. The case in the Prosecutor's Office, the Pani-Ema affair

Aifa, the conflict of interest for Pecorelli confirmed. Now he expects Lorenzin. The case in the Prosecutor's Office, the Pani-Ema affair

"When the decision is official - added Pecorelli - the documentation will be sent to the Minister of Health who will make his own decisions". These are the very latest events on the Aifa dossier. Where it seems that long knives are being consumed at night. Now the decisions of Minister Lorenzin are awaited.

The Aifa blender. What has already been called the "night of long knives" has not yet ended in Aifa, now without any shelter from a fan that never stops turning. With a suspended president and a general manager who are asked back 700 thousand euros. The first, Professor Sergio Pecorelli, accused by the internal commission (led by the dg) of the Italian drug agency for an alleged conflict of interest. The second, Luca Pani, accused in turn by the auditors of AIFA. It seems the most classic "all against all", with the effect and risk of a paralysis for a crucial Authority for the world of Italian Pharma (and not only), which operates at a table that overall is worth 30-32 billion . That are not crumbs. And that is why they require maximum transparency, other than Cesare's wife.

Pecorelli: Power of attorney on the field. Meanwhile, waiting (probably between tomorrow and Friday) for the decisions of Minister Beatrice Lorenzin on the Pecorelli affair, even today news is not lacking. Let's go in order. To begin with, from the president at the moment "at rest" from his duties. A president who certainly does not intend to assist what is happening as a mere spectator. And rather that he defends himself with a drawn sword. The Public Prosecutor of Rome, led by Giuseppe Pignatone, would have opened a file on the story: the result not of a conviction on the merits, but as an act due for the news circulated. In short, no judgment, much less summary. But a signal of attention. The judgment, on the other hand, is expected from the Ministry of Health, which must also collect and screen the material and evidence to be announced in these hours announced and provided by Professor Pecorelli.

Pani: that assignment in Ema. The second part of the Aifa affair concerns Luca Pani from Cagliari. To which the auditors have contested that they illegitimately received, and therefore asked to repay, 700 thousand euros more in these years over the 240 thousand euro ceiling of his contract as public manager. The sum refers to the fees received by the AIFA managing director for his role in Ema, as a member of the technical-scientific body that evaluates the marketing of medicines, and the management board of Ema itself. Extra contract assignment, apparently well paid. Which triggered the charge of illegitimate contributions among the auditors. Nothing to do with a conflict of interest, in short, but still a fact to deal with from the head. Facts known for some time in the Aifa environment and beyond, and that in Aifa they had never previously been addressed with any odg even asked by someone, but that now, after the Pecorelli case, have immediately re-exploded. It must be said that illegitimacy must be fully proven. As we now think we are doing definitively. Without leaving more veils or something outstanding, we hope for the good and good reputation of all. For both Pani and Pecorelli, it is obvious.

What affects the Pharma. But in all of this, there is the whole world of drugs in turmoil, because the earthquake in Aifa is certainly not good for the companies themselves. Rather. Planning investments and activities requires certainties. And so it is not easy. The fact is that in these days, and right now, many other events are overlapping. The Avastin-Lucentis case: the Council of State will have to rule tomorrow on the confirmation or otherwise of the maxi fine imposed by the Antitrust Authority on Roche and Novartis. Then the story of the transformation - decided by Aifa - from pay back into credit notes for the reimbursements due to the ASL for the Harvoni and Sovaldi anti-hepatitis C drugs, by Gilead. Which according to the M5S, author of a report to the Antitrust Authority, would cause an injury to competition: for this reason the grillini ask Lorenzin for clear words. Stories and accusations to try. In a fan that seems not to want to stop from turning, so much so that distrust is never bad. But without closing your eyes. And meanwhile it can create embarrassment for many.



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