Aifa scandal: corruption or gifts?

Aifa scandal: corruption or gifts?

"Matteo Mantovani admitted: made some gifts but did not corrupt anyone. The interrogations took place yesterday in Rome for yet another black chapter of health, a story of alleged favors for pharmaceutical companies to help them market drugs without the guarantees of the law. Two AIFA employees were involved, the Medicines Agency set up to cancel the darkest period of Pharmacopolis which involved the Single Commission of Medicines and Duilio Poggiolini, and ended up again in a court case. "

Matteo Mantovani is a company attorney pharmaceutical and is under investigation for corruption. During yesterday's interrogation by the Public Prosecutor of Rome (responsible for most of the thirty suspects in the territory) and the investigating magistrate of Turin, Sandra Recchione, admitted to having paid Pasqualino Rossi, AIFA representative at the Agency European Medicines (EMEA) the renovation of home windows, furniture and travel for about 20 thousand euros.

Pasqualino Rossi is representative for Italy of the European Medicines Agency, and is the main suspect in the investigation. Even for him the crime of corruption is assumed. His interrogation lasted five hours: he admitted to having received gifts but he clearly specified that "he had never done anything against the health of citizens and nothing against the public administration".

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