The Capua case

No defamation of the Espresso on Ilaria Capua: the judge ruled

No defamation of the Espresso on Ilaria Capua: the judge ruled

The inquiry of L'Espresso on "Virus traffickers" did not defame the virologist Ilaria Capua. This was established by the judge of the Velletri court who dismissed the position of the journalist Lirio Abbate, deputy editor of the weekly. Capua had sued the author of the news published in April 2014.

The public prosecutor's office, after examining the procedural documents and the documentation produced by Abbate's defense, supported by the lawyer Paolo Mazzà, asked the investigating judge to close the proceedings . Decision which Doctor Capua opposed, assisted by the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno. The judge rejected the appeal, stating that "the text of the article is a faithful reconstruction of the investigative findings acquired by the prosecutor of the Republic of Rome and which is not a simple personal invective against Capua, given the concrete interest of the community in knowing this high social impact affair»Reads the motivation.

The judge, referring to the cover of the weekly that illustrated the news of the judicial investigation, also held that «the terms, phrases and images used (the man, who is protected by a complex diving suit, moves the packages marked with the symbol indicating the presence of a biological hazard, the use of titles and subtitles such as: "Virus traffickers", "agreements between scientists and companies to produce vaccines "," strains of avian smuggled by mail risking to spread them ") are artifices and mere literary emphasis, used for a personal but faithful reconstruction of the facts, without having a disparaging character and detrimental to the reputation of the plaintiff».

For these reasons, the magistrate rejected Ilaria Capua's opposition and ordered the cancellation of the criminal case. The final word on the story is thus written: on Ilaria Capua there was no defamation by Lirio Abbate and Espresso.



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