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Tamiflu scam: did not cure swine and bird flu

Tamiflu scam: did not cure swine and bird flu

A giant fraud against governments: Tamiflu is not effective against bird flu and swine. La Roche collected tens of millions of euros, and Donald Rumsfeld still receives 22% of the profits from Tamiflu

According to a new Cochrane Collaboration review published on British Medical Journal Tamiflu, the drug that was purchased during the swine and avian epidemic for billions of euros worldwide between 2006 and 2009, would be as effective as paracetamol. Scientists report that there is no evidence that the medicine can cure the flu, nor even prevent people from getting infected. The research unmasks what could prove to be a big Big Pharma scam to the detriment of governments and citizens.

Tamiflu (the antiviral drug oseltamivir) reduces flu symptoms in half a day, but there is no solid evidence that it reduces hospital stays or complications of flu, this is what emerges from the review by the Cochrane Collaboration, the independent network. of global health research.

In addition, clinical trials confirm an increased risk of suffering from nausea and vomiting and an increased risk of headaches, psychiatric disorders and kidney events. In addition, there is no evidence that the drug can reduce the risk of contagion between people.  Tamiflu is produced by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, according to which the Cocherane riview is inaccurate and unreliable.

In 2005, US President George W. Bush allocated 1,4 billion to purchase antiviral drugs. 2,3 million doses for Switzerland, 5,4 million for Canada, 13 million for France, 40 million for Great Britain spending £ 424.000.000. Italy bought 6 million packages. 

The vast majority of those medicines were not used and have expired to date.

But that's only part of the story. It must be added that, as reported "The drug patent was from 1997 to 2001 dIn the Gilead company, whose president was Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of State of the Bush administration from 2001 to 2006: Rumsfeld never left the Gilead stock package and still receives 22 percent of the profits from the sale of Tamiflu to this day. "

Today, moreover, as reported by an investigation by the Espresso, it is suspected that the viruses were shipped from country to country to be modified specifically to create pandemics. Ilaria Capua, an internationally renowned virologist, deputy of Civic Choice is under investigation for criminal association, along with 38 other people.

The story stinks even more because the researchers were not granted access to the data. Here's what Dr Fiona Godlee, Director of the BMJ explains: “This review is the result of many years of struggle to access and use the data, which was unedited and even hidden from view. This makes it clear that future decisions for the purchase and use of drugs, especially on a mass scale, must be based on a comprehensive framework of both published and unpublished evidence We need comprehensive clinical trial data made available for all drugs currently in use. We need the commitment of organizations and pharmaceutical companies to make all data available, even if it means going back 20 years. Otherwise we risk another gut reaction to a potential pandemic. And can we really afford it? "

Dr Tom Jefferson, Dr Carl Heneghan and Dr Peter Doshi, all authors of the review stated, “The approval and use of drugs can no longer be based on biased or missing information. We risk too much for the health of our population and for the economy. We urge people not to trust only the decisions of politicians, but to verify the information for themselves. "



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