High blood pressure drugs withdrawn: "Carcinogenic impurities"

High blood pressure drugs withdrawn: "Carcinogenic impurities"

Presence of carcinogenic impurities in the pills against high pressure.

For this reason, in the United States, some have been withdrawn drugs. The same manufacturing company thought about it: Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited, in fact, announced that it had withdrawn 36 batches of Losartan potassium pills and 68 lots of Losartan Potassium / Hydrochlorothiazed.

As for the other anti-drugshypertension for which the sale was blocked in recent months both in Europe and in the States, also in this case traces of carcinogenic impurities, which can therefore increase the risk of cancer.

In short, after the cases of withdrawals and recalls from the market of various drugs based on ARBs, here is the new alert for an excessive presence of N-Methylnitrosobutyric acid, which would exceed the maximum threshold set by the Food and drug administration, the US government agency that deals with the regulation of food and pharmaceutical products.

The updated list of withdrawn products it can be found and consulted right on site of fda.


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