Please, don't forget the vaccinated children - Daily Mail, March 20, 2019

Please, don't forget the vaccinated children - Daily Mail, March 20, 2019

We report a letter published in the English newspaper Daily Mail on 20 March 2019.

THANKS to Jackie Fletcher for pointing out the desperation of parents whose children have suffered brain damage from vaccines.

My granddaughter Bethany was born absolutely perfect. He went through all the normal stages, including speech, until he received the measles vaccine at the age of 18 months. His life and that of his whole family have changed since then. We have completely lost her - she cannot speak or communicate, she is incontinent, tormented by pain all over her body, she barely sleeps and suffers from epileptic seizures. She is 19 years old, but has the mental age of a two year old boy. His only joy is to paint to the best of his ability. Her parents are devoted to her and have given up their teaching job to fight and take care of her.

They only have 14 hours of help per week for a child who needs 24-hour care. But their struggle, to give Bethany a good life, is hindered by the continuous filling of forms.

Mrs. Mrs M. GRIFFITHS, Llandudno, Clwyd. Those of us who take care of autistic children need facts, not words. In his campaign to highlight the danger of vaccination, Jackie Fletcher did his best to save the children as my grandson from being buried alive. At 15 months she went from being a happy and healthy child to non-verbal and severely autistic. I have written to the ministers of state, to the heads of each organization, to doctors and health workers, but I have not received any help.

I wrote a book and participated in the general election trying to raise the issue. Like Jackie, I did my best to warn everyone of the danger our children are in.

JOHN N. HOBBS, Hartlepool, Co. Durham.




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