Vaccine safety

Vaccine safety

In order to provide tools to help raise awareness of vaccination freedom, we provide the text "vaccine safety", a document designed specifically for this: explain in a simple and relatively short way some points of departure for "open-minded" reflections on the alleged validity of the "vaccine dogma".

  • Are the vaccines safe?
  • Are the vaccines effective?
  • Should vaccines be imposed by law?

Let's use it to make information and dissemination, to plant the seed of doubt, to try to circumvent the closure on the subject, which in recent times seems to have taken possession of people's minds, driven by the simplification "novax-provax" from the media hype we are witnessing from a couple of years now and who doesn't seem to want to stop. This is the most important way to go: to contrast the imposition of single thought, to give rise to doubt, to give the "la" for an open and constructive discussion where you do not pretend to be right, to change your mind, but to make people understand that in the medical-scientific field there is no "absolute truth", but a continuous research and re-evaluation of the assumptions.

Therefore, let us not tire of seeing the way to freedom of thought in disclosure.

Download: Vaccine Safety


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