Vaccines in pregnancy?

Vaccines in pregnancy?

We take the opportunity of the latest issue of the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia on the anti-flu (1), a nice encouragement to vaccination perhaps the most ineffective of all (2, 3, 4) to deepen the topic of vaccination in pregnancy, and the sheer carelessness with which pregnant women are being pushed to get vaccinated.

Now that the sales season has begun, with a good supply of 860.000 doses already purchased by the Veneto Region (5), here we begin to beat the carpet by pushing as many categories as possible to get vaccinated. 
Who knows if doctors will be virtuous this year: the data indicate that only 15% are vaccinated (6) ... who knows why? Curious how the medical profession that works so hard to defend the obligatory nature and opportunity of vaccination is so reluctant to adopt this practice on themselves. It would be interesting to know if they and their family members are vaccinated for all the vaccinations contained in the PNPV. 

We said, Luca Zaia invites everyone to get vaccinated, and in particular these are the categories for which the flu vaccine is offered "for free" (with our taxes):

  • Women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy
  • Subjects from 6 months to 65 years of age suffering from pathologies that increase the risk of complications from flu
  • Persons aged 65 or over
  • Children and adolescents on long-term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, at risk of Reye's syndrome in the event of a flu infection
  • Hospitalized in long-term care facilities
  • Doctors and healthcare personnel 
  • Family members and contacts of subjects at high risk of complications
  • Persons involved in public services of primary collective interest (Police Forces, Fire Brigades, Local Police etc). 
  • Personnel in contact with animals that could constitute a source of infection with non-human flu viruses 
  • Blood donors.

In this article we would like to focus on vaccination in pregnancy, its risks, what the literature tells us about it, and we do it starting from pertussis vaccination.

Already in August, Minister Grillo issued a circular in which pregnant women are invited to get vaccinated and revaccinated, as well as with flu, also and above all with Dtpa (pertussis tetanus difetrite), in spite of the risk, known in scientific literature, of hyperimmunization especially of tetanus vaccination. Find the circular and directions here:

First of all, we refer you to this very interesting article published by Autismo Vaccini:

Here are some considerations of Dr. Loretta Bolgan (pharmaceutical chemist who has been investigating the vaccination issue and related issues for years), resulting from the analysis of the technical data sheet of the Boostrix vaccine (Dtpa)

If we look only at the technical data sheet, the following observations can be made:

✔ The vaccine contains 0,5 mg of aluminum in the form of a nanoparticle of which we know the neurotoxicity, the vaccine is then recommended in the last trimester when the brain is forming.
✔ We also know that aluminum is mutagenic and therefore can cause epigenetic mutations in the unborn child (7) and is immunotoxic (shifts the immune system towards Th2 and increases the risk of autoimmune diseases)
✔ In addition to aluminum, toxoids may present problems: it is known that the toxoid of acellular pertussis can cause encephalopathies
✔ At the moment we cannot confirm it but it is possible that there are residues of toxins that are not totally detoxified (8) with very serious risks, which could explain the very serious vaccine encephalopathies
✔ Among the impurities we find formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, polysorbate 80, of known toxicity.
✔ In the registration phase they presented clinical studies on a total of about 800 women, i.e. in phase II, the group is too small to highlight uncommon damage such as death or seriously disabling damage to the unborn child. As they detect acute adverse reactions, they will have done the usual pharmacovigilance data collection within 15 days of the vaccine.
✔ They write that as with other inactivated vaccines, vaccination is not expected to harm the fetus in any trimester of pregnancy: the prediction of harm is not a clinical fact ... or there are studies that exclude it in a very large number of women and with long-term pharmacovigilance, otherwise the risk cannot be excluded.
✔ From the preclinical safety studies they say that there is no toxicity for fertility for the human species from the studies on rabbits and mice ... even in this case there are no human data; as regards the toxic effects on pregnancy, embryo-fetal development there is no toxicity in animals, while for humans the studies are still too limited.

Numerous postmarketing studies have recently been published confirming the safety of the vaccine but it is necessary to study them carefully to understand if there are biases. In fact, women who get vaccinated still act as guinea pigs.

✔ The risk during breastfeeding has not been assessed and they predict that there is no risk, still experimentation on women even if it is called "extrapolation"
✔ Interesting this sentence: Limited data indicate that maternal antibodies can reduce the magnitude of the immune response to some vaccines in babies born to mothers vaccinated with Boostrix during pregnancy. The clinical relevance of this observation is unknown.
✔ There are already several publications that try to explain why maternal antibodies reduce or even cancel the response to vaccines: one vaccinates to protect the unborn child from DTP, but if it remains discovered for both these diseases and the other mandatory vaccines, the clinical relevance is predictable ...




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