Let's fight fear - Dario Miedico, free-thinking

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Based on the speech by Dario Miedico at the "Free Thought" conference, organized by Siamo on 30 November 2019.

"A country that declares itself democratic is imposing, as a form of fascism heir to that of the last century, a shameful, indeed harmful, law and I say it as a doctor. A doctor who has practiced for 52 years. Not expelled, because I did opposition, thanks to a lawyer of the caliber of Valerio Onida who has contested the radiation at all points. The Medical Association is an outdated, indecent organism. The most dangerous thing for health is fear. Remove fear for a doctor This is why I studied infectious diseases, because they were diseases that terrified, and unfortunately still terrify, but if I as a doctor have to remove the fear, I have to make it clear what incidence these infectious diseases have. Behind the medicine there are gigantic economic interests and shameful, especially Americans because we once produced the vaccines ourselves (which were mostly necessary for the army), and instead today they are produced by multinational corporations America nor that they control all the countries of the world. We have to take back the production of vaccines: we are absolutely not against vaccines, because they are a sanitary technique like antibiotics, like antihistamines. I would be an idiot and not a doctor if I were against a health technique. Yet all the newspapers label me as "No Vax" when they needed to attack me, and I am happy because when I give a conference they make me a lot of publicity: they clamor against the "unworthy conference of No vax" and the hall fills up. People come to hear what the "No Vax" says and eventually come out having realized where the cheating is.

There is another group called "Vaccini Vogliamo Verità". They want the truth, I know the truth about vaccines. In a country like Italy, vaccines no longer make sense today. Infectious diseases have always existed. Man has undergone them for millennia, also defending himself genetically with the passing of generations. The infectious diseases for which they have prepared these vaccinations no longer kill anyone. I bring Istat data. 25 children died of measles a year, but when? In 1887. Sixty years later, in 1951, 13 children died. From 1887 to 1951 there was no measles vaccine. The same goes for scarlet fever, for whooping cough, for diphtheria, for polio. Without any vaccination, mortality disappeared on its own. Vaccinations did not eradicate mortality. It was progress. It was the fact of having food for everyone. And who allowed everyone to eat? Because if it had been for the bosses, we would have been here not to eat yet. It was only the struggles of workers that allowed for the improvement of their living conditions, starting from food, drinking water, sewers, healthy homes. All this, this system is not pleased to know. Doctors have to say it. So doctors were first struck off or threatened with radiation, but mostly corrupt, in the sense that they get paid for every vaccination they do. And understand that someone who gains from vaccinations can only say "get vaccinated everyone". If I have two thousand patients and I have these two thousand patients do all the vaccinations, with the calls, you understand that they are thousands of euros. Instead, I cannot stress enough the importance of making infectious diseases to people's immune defenses, because they serve and no longer kill anyone. Let's fight fear, first of all! "