Here is what we found in the vaccines: the Corvelva study - Loretta Bolgan and Ivan Catalano

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Loretta Bolgan, researcher, teacher, scientific consultant of the Parliamentary Commission Uranium Depleted, as well as author of the study Corvelva who analyzed the content of the most common pediatric vaccines, interviewed here on Byoblu together with Ivan Catalano, former vice-president of the same Commission, who asked for and obtained the publication of the final report which attributed to the simultaneous administration of several vaccines the causes of many diseases of the military returning from missions in the conflict areas.

Ivan Catalano will talk to you about the procedural truth established by the Parliamentary Commission, while Loretta Bolgan will show you what she found in the vaccines, during the study commissioned by Corvelva, including the worrying indigestible macromolecule contained in theInfanrix Hexa (the hexavalent municipality), which devours everything it meets on its way and for this reason it has been compared to a black hole.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more, you can always watch the conference recording on Byoblu "Military, Uranium and Vaccines: the state truth censored by the medias", And the registration of the conference"Vaccinate safely“, Organized by the Order of Biologists, with the presence of Loretta Bolgan, Giulio Tarro (pupil of Sabin, the discoverer of the polio vaccine) and many other scientific personalities.

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