The failure of scientism in medicine - Erica Poli and Maurizio Grandi

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

Our society is sick. Like the madman who thinks he is Napoleon, so the scientism that passes through today wants everyone to believe that men, as well as electric heaters, are only machines. Just press a button and the disease goes away. But the universe, its laws, life, consciousness and our own bodies are much more than the sum of their parts. From the discoveries on space and time of quantum physics, to those on DNA that changes bi-directionally, even thanks to language, passing through the real nature of memory and the heart of our health, which passes through relationships, the same disease concept needs to be redefined. The medicine of our times, which has been embraced by scientism in a deadly grip, can it really heal, and is it interested in doing so? Why have many doctors given up trying to understand their patients in their complexity, and treat them like a mechanic treats a radiator hose?

We talk about fundamental and eternal issues with Erica Poli, doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and with Maurizio Grandi, doctor, oncologist and immunohematologist. A double interview that will project you on the fundamental questions of life. On Byoblu.