SCIENCE IS THE NEW SPREAD - Pier Paolo Dal Monte and Il Pedante

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Are vaccines a scientific or even a political topic? We asked Pier Paolo Dal Monte (surgeon) and Il Pedante (independent blogger) authors of the book "Immunity of law".

After the Lorenzin decree of 7 June 2017, which makes 10 vaccines an indispensable requirement to be able to enroll their children in the nursery, Il Pedante in collaboration with the "Freedom of Choice" Committee has tried to quantify the number of children excluded from the facilities The estimate obtained is around 127. So what are the social and political effects of this obligation?

According to Dal Monte vaccines are a government tool to get where politics fails to arrive: «It is increasingly difficult to govern populations according to political means, so we govern according to states of exception: the economic crisis on the one hand, then the crisis was no longer enough so now we govern with fear of disease. "

The discussion on the topic also led us to a reflection on the meaning of the scientific community and on the relationship between patient and doctor.