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The world has changed: today there are countless toxic factors that now have an important impact on our health: food, industrial products, mass agriculture, air pollution and global warming, electromagnetism, herbicides, chemicals ... New factors that seem capable to cause the opening of the blood-brain barrier by promoting the transport of harmful substances and bacteria to the brain. Globalization also means the proliferation of new vectors that transport viruses and bacteria from one continent to another. In the meantime, men have fewer and fewer spermatozoa; autism, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's blaze; new types of tumors and unknown pathologies make their appearance. What new diseases are looming over the next generations? Luc Montagneir, virologist, Nobel laureate, known to be the father of the discovery of the HIV retrovirus, spoke of this, as well as vaccines and safety, at the conference organized in Rome by the National Order of Biologists: "New frontiers of biology ", filmed by Byoblu's cameras.