SCIENTOCRACY: SCIENCE AS AN EXTERNAL BIND - Enzo Pennetta, Paolo Gibilisco, Pierpaolo Dal Monte

"Scientocrazia: science as an external constraint (part II)" is the name of the meeting held on December 14 at the Symposion in Rome. The conference was introduced by Maria Micaela Bartolucci, teacher and co-founder of "Frontiere", a blog of ideas against globalization.

Bartolucci reflects on the concept of "bond" and asks herself: "who are the bandits today?". They are those who oppose what Costanzo Preve called "the regular clergy", or "that social group dominated by the ruling class that acts as a transmitter for ideologies compatible with the system". Today one of the terms they are using to ban those who think otherwise is denial. The interventions of the three guests present are built around this theme: the discrimination of those who have a different opinion and the continuous attempt to affirm the single thought.

Enzo Pennetta, biologist and professor of natural sciences, talks about power-oriented science, the "reductio ad negazionistam" and then "ad terrapiattistam" in the climate question and the contradiction of the sardine movement compared to "the modern version of the 2 minutes of hatred of Orwell against Goldstein ".

Paolo Gibilisco, professor of mathematical analysis and probability, entitled his speech "I would prefer not: the new betrayal of Italian academics", taking as an example the areas of research, teaching and vaccination obligation. In this sense, he quotes Giorgio Boatti's book "I would prefer not," which tells the story of 12 academics who did not sign the oath of fascism, thus showing that it was possible and can be said no.

Finally Pierpaolo Dal Monte, surgeon, uses the metaphor of science as a steel cage, explaining what defines the magic numbers for vaccines and for climate change because "the problem is never focused on the real causes".