5G and health risks according to the Ramazzini Institute

(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Researcher Andrea Vornoli of the Ramazzini Institute of Bologna illustrates the expected development for 5G and the foreseeable health risks based on the ten-year Italian (Ramazzini) and American (National Toxicology Program) studies, which show a clear relationship between exposure to cell phone radiation and mobile phone towers and brain and heart tumors.

What should we expect with 5G? What was the previous technology - or the current one of the 4G LTE, which ranges from a few hundred Megahertz of frequency to a few gigabytes Hertz - will move to another band, practically: that of millimeter waves, so the frequency of the waves involved in this new technology will increase. This is exactly the opposite of what we insiders hope for, unless there is a brake on this new technology. In fact, in the idea of ​​the telephone companies there is a move to the so-called "Internet of things, or a world in which we, immersed in a sea of ​​electromagnetic waves, will have all our objects connected: from the fridge to the washing machine, etc. So if I'm at work and want to set up the washing machine two hours before I get home I can do it.

And there are cities in Italy that are already experimenting with this type of innovative technology. Cities like Milan; Prato, L'Aquila Matera and Bari are in fact involved in this type of experimentation.

The spread is expected for the next two, three 4 years, if it is not possible to curb this type of technology. Here you see a statement made by a "task force" of scientists who are trying to alarm everyone about what the risks of this new technology may be, also based on the experimental evidence that we have seen so far. 5G will not only represent a social change, with advantages and disadvantages also at a social level, but it will also have disadvantages from an environmental point of view, as it is impossible to predict what the effects will be, even if we can imagine them.

The electromagnetic waves associated with 5G have low penetrability, therefore a much much greater density of antennas will be required for the operation of the network. Therefore, even the idea is to place them on the light poles, and it will work very differently from current 4G technology. In the first phase, this technology is expected to take hold in smaller inhabited areas and then, for less urbanized areas, tens of thousands of satellites will be sent to space, so as to cover everything on our planet.

So in the meantime it is to be hoped that measures will be taken to protect humanity in compliance with what are the ethical imperatives and international agreements, because if these plans are successful we will have no chance of escape, unlike today.