Dr Paul Thomas and the new discoveries on vaccines and autism

(Reading time: 1 - 2 minutes)

ATTENTION: The video is subtitled, if you don't see the subtitles, activate them.

Dr Paul Thomas is a rather well-known pediatrician in the US, works in Oregon and is the founder of the 'Doctors for Informed Consent' association (https://physiciansforinformedconsent.org/leadership/paul-thomas-md/).

Let's listen to what it says about autism:

"In 2003, I attended the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Conference at the request of one of my patient's mother. Watching video after video of 1 to 2 year old children who were normal at one year, regress into full-blown serious autism, was too much to ignore. Tears rolled down my face as I came to the realization, "we've poisoned a generation". Then with my eyes open, I started doing my own research into the issue of toxins and vaccine safety and side effects. The last straw was in November 2007, when I saw Jack, my fourth patient to regress into autism in the previous four years. I had to make the decision to leave my colleagues, start my own practice, and offer an alternative vaccine schedule. ”- Dr. Thomas

In the video above we touch on various topics:

  • The propagandistic use of the so-called measles epidemics to force the introduction of the vaccine obligation ... the same the same as in Italy.
  • How to keep a child healthy in the world today.
  • The first results of his comparative study between vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated regarding cases of autism.
  • Because a less aggressive vaccination schedule can be the lesser evil in certain cases (and here we must keep in mind that its approach was developed in order to safeguard the children of those parents, the vast majority, who are practically terrified of infectious diseases and convinced that all vaccines are good and fair, after decades of propaganda and brainwashing).
  • What happens if everyone stops getting vaccinated? I remember that the calendar drawn up by the American CDC is a little worse than the Italian one and for example provides vaccination on the day of birth with anti-hepatitis B.