CORVELVA LiveStreaming - Focus homeopathy - Winter pathologies - Dr. Claudio de santi

We are finally there, we are able to broadcast live some of the evenings that we will hold in the headquarters of our association.
A part of these will be live only for members, but many others will be public, so as to get to inform as many people as possible.

Corvelva LiveStreaming starts tonight 24 September 2019 at 20.30 during the evening:

Focus Homeopathy - Winter pathologies - Dr. Claudio de Santi

Winter often accompanies annoying pathologies that afflict children and adults.
Have you ever thought about Homeopathy?

During the evening we will talk about the therapeutic and preventive possibilities that this wonderful natural therapy offers.
Suggestions for reflection on the psychosomatic meanings of winter diseases will also be suggested, in order to better understand the symbolic language of the body.

Dr. Claudio De Santi, Homeopathic Physician and Iridologist leads the evening

if you want to participate in person, hurry to book, there are very few places available.