Vaccinegate: the Point - Dr. Loretta Bolgan will present an important update on Corvelva analyzes

(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)

NOTE: in conjunction with the live streaming, we will put the report of the recent survey online on the website.

Friday 27 September at 20.30 the dott. Loretta Bolgan will present an important update on Corvelva analyzes

This evening was born from the need to provide a wider audience with a detailed explanation of the recent results obtained. An important evening that will be broadcast live, to outline enormously serious elements.

A premise: the inability of institutions and politicians is dangerous.

The current alarm on nitrosamines (withdrawal of drugs containing ranitidine due to contamination with these compounds) is the clear example of the fallacious system of control and quality control of synthetic drugs, let alone sacred vaccines.

It is objective that AIFA has not been able to provide evidence on its statements: when it declares that the medicines are tested batch by batch, it speaks without providing the least proof of what it says.
Recall that Corvelva is still waiting for a meeting with the AIFA leadership, as promised by the former Undersecretary Bartolazzi, regarding the analyzes.
We are faced with the paradox: Ema asks for checks, an association of citizens has made them and shown them to the public; Aifa no.

With regard to nitrosamines, we report today's EMA note:

"Ema, test drugs as a precaution. All drugs authorized for trade in the EU must be tested for the possible presence of nitrosamines, the carcinogenic substances underlying Aifa's withdrawal of lots of ranitidine and which in 2018 was the basis for the withdrawal of many antihypertensive drugs containing Valsartan. Ema, the European Medicines Agency requires it, specifying that it is one precautionary request and concerns all drugs that contain active ingredients produced by chemical synthesis"

Should we therefore infer that drugs are not tested? For nitrosamines and for how many other carcinogenic or potentially dangerous for health substances?
Because you see, the dispute that is brought to us in front of our results and our requests for measures is that our analyzes are not those required by the guidelines of the international protocols. And it is true: our analyzes use cutting-edge methods, while international protocols, their guidelines, have stopped 30 or 40 years ago.
So if with a new generation analysis I find toxic, carcinogenic, dangerous material, my analysis is not valid, because the ph test (foreseen for example in the guidelines) said that the drug is safe!

Well, the incipit was a must considering what is happening right now in Europe and given that these contaminations that are leading to the withdrawals are completely superimposable to those reported by us and notified to both Ema and Aifa!

And here is the latest update we received regarding the genomic analysis of the Priorix Tetra vaccine.

The report concerns the genomic sequencing of fetal DNA (MRC5) present in the Priorix Tetra vaccine.

The document that we will make public shortly before the live broadcast, reports what resulted from the analysis of the MRC5 cell line, the one contained in the tetravalent vaccine that should immunize against measles-mumps-rubella-chicken pox, produced by GlaxoSmithKline. 

Let's go by points, and we recommend a careful reading:

  1. the fetal cell line was found to actually belong to a male fetus (as stated).
  2. the cell line is presented in such a way as to make it probable that it is very old, therefore compatible with the declared line of the 60s.
  3. the fetal human DNA represented in this vaccine is a complete individual genome, i.e. the genomic DNA of all the chromosomes of an individual.
  4. the human genomic DNA contained in this vaccine is evidently anomalous, presenting important inconsistencies with respect to a typical human genome, that is, that of a healthy individual.
  5. 560 genes known to be associated with tumor forms have been verified and all have undergone significant modifications.
  6. There are variants whose consequences are not even known, not yet appearing in the literature, but which nevertheless concern genes involved in the induction of human cancer.
  7. What is also evidently anomalous is the excess genome which shows changes in the number of copies and structural variants.

PLEASE NOTE: According to the guidelines (which you will find in the report), the presence of fetal DNA from the MRC-5 and WI-38 cell lines, as diploids, does not provide for upper limits: there is no limit to the quantity that we can find inside a vaccine! The motivation lies in the fact that these lines are not considered cancerous because they have a "finished" replication cycle (not immortalized).

But the reference literature is obsolete. Already 40 years ago the first genetic anomalies were found on these lines, considered negligible for the safety of vaccines and, as reported in the WHO guideline, since then no updates have been made with the new sequencing technologies, in particular in NGS; the consequence is that in the vaccines administered for decades the presence of a DNA progressively more and more genetically modified, and in uncontrolled quantities has been allowed. The NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) is the methodology used by Corvelva for metagenomic analyzes and the laboratory we used is located in the United States. Our analyzes are continuously confirmed by different laboratories, the continuous verification of the data initially obtained is leading to consolidate not only the data itself, but the methods themselves.

What are we saying? We are saying that the DNA contained in these vaccines is potentially TUMORIGENIC and that the guidelines to which the control bodies are appealing ARE NOT ADEQUATE.
Furthermore, we are publicly denouncing a SERIOUS OMISSION in taking those PRECAUTIONARY measures which are invoked urgently for antacid drugs. 

Our results greatly strengthen the experimental observations of Dr. Deisher and above all the fact that the contaminating fetal DNA present in all the samples analyzed in variable quantities (therefore uncontrolled) is up to 300 times higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for the Carcinogenic DNA (10 ng / dose, corresponding to the DNA contained in about 1000 cancer cells, obtained on the basis of a statistical calculation, while the precautionary limit is 10 pg / dose), a limit that must necessarily also be applied to fetal DNA MRC- 5 which inevitably contaminates the Priorix tetra. 

It follows that this vaccine must be considered defective and potentially dangerous for human health, in particular of the pediatric population much more vulnerable to genetic and autoimmune damage due to immaturity in the shelter systems.

* These latter analyzes were possible thanks to the active contribution of the French associations Association Liberté Informations Santé (ALIS), Ligue nationale pour la liberté des vaccinations (LNPLV) and the Australian association Australian Vaccination-risks Network (AVN) that we thank.