"Vaccinate safely" - Conference organized by the National Order of Biologists

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Rome, 25 January: Live on the Byoblu channels, the conference "Vaccinate in safety" organized by the National Order of Biologists.

Vaccinate yes, vaccinate no, and often one does not go further. In the vaccination campaigns, the media and doctors omit the discussion on the side effects, which also exist, on the adverse reactions, and on the need to prevent them through specific tests and tests that are almost never mentioned. The conference "Vaccinate safely" intends to bring these issues to light by divulging knowledge on the safety of vaccines, also from the point of view of their components. A moment of sharing and comparison between researchers and experts engaged in the field, for the protection of the health of the individual and of the whole community. Among the participants also Giulio Tarro, the illustrious Italian virologist candidate for the Nobel prize and recently interviewed by Byoblu.