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Who can check the Green Pass?

Who can check the Green Pass?

To answer this question, we turned to the only regulatory act that described the boundaries of the control of COVID19 Green Certifications, the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers June 17, 2021, precisely Article 13 which we publish below in full.

We remind you that knowing the laws that are contested is the first way to counter them!

Art. 13 - Verification of COVID-19 green certifications issued by the National Platform-DGC

1. The verification of the green COVID-19 certifications is carried out by reading the two-dimensional barcode, using only the mobile application described in Annex B,
paragraph 4, which only allows you to check the authenticity, validity and integrity of the certification, and to know the details of the holder, without making the information visible
which led to its issue.

2. The following are delegated to the verification referred to in paragraph 1:

  1. public officials in the exercise of their functions;
  2. the personnel assigned to control services for entertainment and show activities in places open to the public or in public establishments, registered in the list pursuant to art. 3, paragraph 8, of the law of 15 July 2009, n. 94;
  3. the owners of the accommodation facilities and public establishments for access to which the possession of COVID-19 green certification is required, as well as their delegates;
  4. the owner or legitimate holder of places or premises where events and activities are held to participate in which possession of the COVID-19 green certification is required, as well as their delegates;
  5. air, sea and land carriers, as well as their delegates;
  6. the managers of the structures that provide health, social-health and social-assistance services for access to which, as visitors, the possession of certification is required
    green COVID-19, as well as their delegates.

3. The delegated subjects referred to in letters c), d), e) and f) of paragraph 2 are appointed with a formal deed containing the necessary instructions on the exercise of the verification activity.

4. The holder of the green COVID-19 certification at the time of the verification referred to in paragraph 1 demonstrates, at the request of the inspectors referred to in paragraph 2, his personal identity by showing an identity document.

5. The verification of the certifications does not, in any case, involve the collection of the data of the holder in any form.

6. The control relating to the correct execution of the checks referred to in this article is carried out by the persons referred to in art. 4, paragraph 9, of the decree-law of 25 March 2020, n. 19, converted, with
amendments, by law 22 May 2020, n. 35.


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