New partner

New partner
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Thanks for joining

Hi, if you are reading this message it means that you have recently joined the Corvelva Association: we thank you for your trust and support!

In remembering that the association operates exclusively thanks to the support of its members, we also want to remember that our commitment is to disseminate information and provide help to everyone, without distinction.

However, many services will be reserved for you Members in the reserved area of ​​the site, here:

Furthermore, a more "lean" facebook group is dedicated to the members, which does not convey news or current affairs, but is reserved for more "practical" questions and needs, or requests for comparison in a more discreet environment than the main group. If you want you can apply for membership in this group called Corvelva 2021 members.

You can stay updated on the main press releases and news also through the newsletter that you will automatically receive, also on the events that we regularly organize in our headquarters (and others that we consider of common interest); you can also follow us on the following channels: