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Fake news. How they manipulate information

Fake news. How they manipulate information

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CORVELVA Papers 2 2020 IT webIn the last two years, two battles have monopolized public opinion in particular: 1) the war against fake news 2) the war against those who criticize or suspect the vaccination obligation.

The first seems to echo the work of the Orwellian Miniver: that is, it is an articulated witch hunt that has as its objective the repression of dissent. It exploits the issue of cyber bullying on the one hand and the spread of hoaxes on the web to lead to the approval of a censorship of the Net (and more generally of alternative information) even going as far as to hypothesize the introduction of a crime of opinion with who do not want to hit the groundless news, but rather dissent in general.

As I demonstrate in my book, Fake news (Arianna Editrice), the paradox is that the so-called mainstream information purists and the subjects who have risen to "hoaxers" who have invested themselves in the task of flushing out the hoaxes on the web, are actually exploiting the battle (in itself legitimate) by imposing unique thought strokes a real democratic totalitarianism. And they do it also by resorting to exactly what they want to fight: disinformation. When the propaganda in all its aspects is not enough to legitimize a measure that is imposed, it is passed to legislate.

A striking example is the Lorenzin decree.

In recent years we have witnessed a massive media campaign with related information manipulation, exploitation and spread of fake news aimed at inducing the perception of the threat of the measles pandemic, as according to the former Minister of Health Lorenzin and several experts, the peak would have been due to the drop in vaccinations which went from 90% (2013) to 85% (2015) coverage.

From an objective and "detached" point of view, it is interesting to analyze the Orwellian double-thinking method that has been used by the previous government to raise public awareness and push it to accept mass vaccination.

In this case, four golden social engineering techniques were used to guide public opinion, in particular:

  • the method of Divide and conquer
  • the rule of empathy (some borderline cases were used to exploit public empathy and blame parents if they hadn't vaccinated their children)
  • shock theory (public opinion terrified by talking about pandemic risk)
  • the principle of authority ("experts" were used to spread and defend the sacredness of the vaccine "creed". Those who did not align with the specialists were expelled, insulted, disparaged, ridiculed, placed on proscription lists) .

Let's see the first point: we dealt with the issue by dividing public opinion according to the football method into two fans, the pros and cons (yes vax vs no vax without considering that many were instead free vax, i.e. in support of vaccination freedom therefore not contrary a priori), increasing the tone and violence of the debate on the web and the mainstream media.

Many parents, in fact, just wanted to understand what position to take, if anything be reassured and get more information on cases of vaccine damage. As in many other cases, the debate, or rather, the freedom of thought, however, was not ventilated and therefore those who support the freedom of vaccination or who no longer trust government recommendations or the health system, have been accused of being fanatics no vax (instead of free vax) and silenced with a law decree.

They have been censored and ridiculed. To do this, we also resorted to the spread of fake news, we manipulated the information by using empathy on the one hand and terror on the other to bend the consent to our will. In short, a monologue was preferred to dialogue: that of propaganda that must "shape" public opinion.

I agree with Marcello Veneziani when he writes with irony that «The vaccine is the new dogma of faith of the moment. State dogma, forced health. Mandatory, indisputable, it does not provide for conscientious objection of any kind»[1]. In fact, we should ask ourselves, without the presumption of taking a position, why a usually "inconclusive" country such as ours has decided to make ten vaccines mandatory by adopting a real form of fanaticism, as if we were dealing with a dogma or a state religion. Are there any interests at stake that led to this unusual acceleration?

Many recall that in 1991 the then Minister of Health Francesco De Lorenzo was the promoter of the introduction of the mandatory vaccination on Hepatitis B[2]. The vaccine made mandatory was sold to Italians as a major evolution, in which Italy was a beacon compared to other countries. It was the Engerix vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline and it was later discovered that De Lorenzo (never radiated) pocketed, together with Duilio Poggiolini, general manager of the national pharmaceutical service, a bribe of 600 million lire to pass this law, despite the absence of enough experiments.

Twenty-six years later, the Ministry of Health imposed compulsory vaccinations not for one but for twelve, then reduced to ten, vaccines for preschool and school children with drastic penalties.

It is understandable that, in the light of the past and of uncomfortable precedents, many have made parallels and that they have begun to breathe a climate of suspicion towards power. The news spread about the link that some members of the dicastery led by Beatrice Lorenzin would have or would have had with the Smith Kline foundation, the pharmaceutical multinational already the main vaccine manufacturer in our country, has gone around the web and has not helped[3].

It didn't even help the iron fist used by the Ministry and on the other the fake news that was spread: a real paradox given the witch hunt climate in which we plunged right on the "hoax" theme.

Lorenzin with the complicity of the media has in fact first issued a heartfelt appeal for the epidemic-like growth of measles[4], then on TV she spoke several times about two phantom epidemics in England[5] (2013 and 2014) with hundreds of deaths among children in London (!) Or declaring in Piazza Pulita that it does not exist[6] a cure for whooping cough[7] and that a child contracts it, one must hope that it will survive[8]. No one dared to point out to the minister from the television lounges that in 2014 there was no measles related death in England (out of a total of 130 cases), while in 2013 there was one (out of 1843 cases), but he was not a child[9]. If it had happened to inverted parts the pandemonium would have happened and the subject in question would have been at least mocked or pushed to resign. And instead, a "good-for-good" bale was not only tolerated but disclosed, as if "good" misinformation existed, that useful to Power and in line with propaganda, and the bad one that opposes them.

In another interview in June 2017 Lorenzin stated that "a neighboring country in the Veneto region, not Italian, [Austria] a few days ago he sent a circular, published in his newspapers, with which he invited the children of that country and their parents not to go to Gardaland because of the low rate of immunization for measles "[10], version promptly denied by the press office and by the CEO of Gardaland and by the Councilor for Health of the Veneto, Luca Coletto[11]. I repeat, similar and repeated faults, in the past they would have led the minister on duty to resign.

Subsequently, the death of a leukemic child hospitalized in the San Gerardo hospital in Monza was exploited: the news had been spread that he had been infected by unvaccinated siblings, a version denied not only by the parents but also by the head of the hospital's pediatric clinic[12]. The parents, close to the no vax movement, had been accused of the death of the child for not having vaccinated the other two children, until the chief intervened to clarify the matter. Lorenzin promptly intervened on the case, once again instrumentalizing a news item and declaring that

"We are inside a measles epidemic and unvaccinated children, unvaccinated adults, risk and fragile children like the one from Monza, who was recovering from leukemia, whom we would have saved from leukemia, died from measles. We are available to give information and accompany parents in the vaccination process, but believe me thanks to vaccines we have saved our lives, and a life is worth a law »[13].

When the bales are repeated it is difficult to believe that it is only incompetence. These are clear examples of fake news artfully created to spread a false problem and obtain a reaction that, not having occurred, was introduced by force (the vaccines decree). And it does not matter at this point if the no vaxes have also spread hoaxes or disinformation, because the government has done the same and, given the role it plays, it should be considered morally intolerable to persevere in the dissemination of wrong data. Even if this had happened for a "good cause". Because citizens are children or sheep who must be accompanied to the fence or educated on the choices to be made.

If the epidemic in Italy were true, why have to resort to improper, improvised and even invented parallels (the false London epidemic)?

I believe that the presumed measles epidemic was the Trojan Horse for the presentation of the decree: without a phantom medical emergency the decree would not have been approved and would have been more contested by public opinion (although the numerous demonstrations that took place in the squares of all of Italy have been censored or ridiculed by the media). The perception of a threat to induce fear in the population has been exploited. The scheme is not new and, as I have demonstrated for years, it has been used methodically and constantly on several fronts.

In the past we have had similar cases with the SARS pandemic, avian, swine, meningitis or Ebola: phenomena localized to some specific areas that thanks to the web or the media have become real "planetary earthquakes"[14]. In most of these cases, people wanted to get vaccinated.

In 2010, for example, in full global alarm for influenza A, also known as "swine" or H1N1, the Ministry of Health paid out 184 million euros to Novartis for the supply of 24 million doses of vaccine[15]. The virus did not cause the expected pandemic and the doses delivered were just 10 million with only one tenth actually administered to citizens (865 thousand)[16].

The population is in fact perpetually threatened by some tragedy and held in a persistent situation of terror which prevents one from reasoning clearly. In the wake of the emotion induced by the shock, there is the risk of making impulse decisions without having considered them. This does not mean that the danger is completely invented, but perhaps exploited, amplified, distorted, exaggerated to inculcate in the public opinion the perception to always be in danger and to need the intervention of the deus ex machinaor rather of the government perhaps in the form of some decree.

Terror in the past few years in the field of vaccination has been extended, via radiation or suspension, to those doctors who have dared to express doubts about (too many) vaccinations, who have spoken of the correlation between autism and vaccines or who have exposed the onset of alleged vaccine damage. Those doctors who profited from health, who got bribed, who were arrested for bribes or the like were not barred, but those who expressed legitimate doubts. This should be enough to raise some concerns.

When the data provided by the government, the alarmism and the censorship (or mocking) of the alternative information were not enough to stir up the parents' conscience, the Minister of Health intervened to make vaccinations mandatory.

Yet that "we are not in an emergency" the Prime Minister also confirmed it on 19 May 2017. So why resort to the urgent decree without bringing the debate to the parliamentary classrooms? Is there a measles epidemic or not? And why introduce twelve, then ten, vaccines into the decree if the alleged epidemic only affects measles?

These are the questions that the government should have answered, instead propaganda was used to raise awareness, or rather "shape" public opinion and direct consensus towards the desired path. When this was not enough, the decree was passed and a psycho-crime was introduced: you cannot criticize the vaccines or the vaccination requirement, if you do it you will be held up like a madman, a conspiracy theorist, a visionary.

When there are forms of exploitation, when the media propaganda starts, we must always expect a coup, which in this case took place with the decree.

What we should ask ourselves is: if today it was the turn of vaccines, tomorrow on what will the noose be tightened?

Because it is evident that doubt, contestation, criticism are not allowed. In a democratic society that pretends to be pluralistic, the dialogue has been replaced by a monologue: power speaks for itself and imposes its thoughts on public opinion, "filling" the citizens with itself. Just like in 1984 from Orwell. And dystopia seems sadly to have become reality.

Who is Enrica Perucchietti

Graduated with honors in Philosophy, she lives and works in Turin as a journalist, writer and editor. She is editor in chief of Gruppo Editoriale Uno. He collaborates with numerous paper and digital magazines. She is the author of numerous essays, including: Obama's other face; NWO. New World Order; Global government; The Factory of Manipulation; The B. side by Matteo Renzi; Unisex. Erasing sexual identity: the new weapon of mass manipulation; False Flag. Under false flag. Tension strategy and state terrorism; Uterus for rent. The making of children, the new form of slavery. His site is:
















[16] Ibidem.


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