Vaccines and media warfare

Vaccines and media warfare

In the era of post-ideology, the terrain of debate and confrontation has shifted to themes of a non-purely political nature, and therefore certainly of interest to civil society. I go back to talking about vaccines. On March 12 - yesterday - three children were expelled to Lazio who were not in compliance with the vaccinations required by Law 119/2017 by March 10. Also in Rome, at least twenty other critical situations have been reported. Four pupils sent home to Milan, ditto in Sulmona. Dozens of cases in Sardinia, in Sulcis Iglesiente and Medio Campidano. And reports continue to arrive.

"By virtue of an unconstitutional law, great violence has been committed on the psyche of innocent souls," Paolo Maddalena, Vice President emeritus of the Constitutional Court, commented bluntly on Twitter. "The vaccine law, for this part, must go back to the examination of the Constitutional Court".

Difficult to blame him, in light of article 34 of the Constitution: “The school is open to all. Lower education, taught for at least eight years, is compulsory and free. " The eight compulsory years are from 6 to 14. This is why the unvaccinated people who attend compulsory school will get away with a fine: the conversion law of the DL Lorenzin could not do anything against the provisions of art. 34 of the Constitution. Also for this reason, the exclusion of children from 0 to 6 years of age from nursery or kindergarten appears hateful and grotesque: they are children discriminated against twice, because they are not given the possibility of a saving and immunizing fine.

The absurdity of the whole appears even more evident if we consider the median age of measles cases: 27 years. If measles is a real danger to public health, why impose the obligation only from 0 to 16 years? Common sense suggests vaccinating the entire population not already vaccinated or immunized naturally because they contracted the disease.

The post-vaccination ideology also leaves bewildered by the repeated episodes of "media guerrilla" that distinguish it. For example, the recent forced removal, in Rimini, of posters denouncing adverse reactions citing official data from the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA). Acts of real censorship, justified on the basis of an alleged unjustified "alarmism", which evoke sinister memories of the fascist twenty years. One-way television broadcasts. Personal attacks, insults on social media. The media darkening of imposing and peaceful demonstrations that have crossed the squares throughout Italy. In the name of science, or rather of the "shenzah" - as ironically defined by those who believe little about vaccines - scientists graduated from the four corners of the Earth from the four corners of the Earth, scientists who come to deny the existence of any adverse reaction superior to the redness due a pinch.

The latest attack came to the tam-tam's comment on social media about an alleged link between the tragic death of Davide Astori and a flu shot.

"That of the free / no / boh vax (defined" jackals "in the title) is not a battle of civilization or an altruistic struggle, it is an egoistic battle in which only one's interest counts ”thunders What interest, honestly, escapes me. Just as the reason for the disparaging tones of the article eludes me.

The hypothesis of a cause-effect correlation between vaccine and death resulted from the declarations of Professor Giorgio Galanti, professor of internal medicine at the University of Florence and director of the sports medicine department of Careggi: «Davide Astori performed a electrocardiogram two days before dying and it was normal. There was no alteration. We can rule out the hypothesis that the death was caused by a flu virus: we know that these viruses can be hidden killers and for this reason the Fiorentina players have been vaccinated for the flu. The death was caused by an inexplicable cause in a subject who had no predictable element ".

The autopsy performed on March 6 confirmed the cardiac cause, without macroscopic evidence. For definitive diagnosis, however, thorough histological examinations and sixty days of time are required. Prudence therefore imposes itself, in one sense and the other.

The vaccines are safe, the adverse reactions are non-existent or negligible: this is the media mantra around the vaccines. From the same media that, on the day they reported the news of the very young unvaccinated punished with exclusion from kindergarten, they also widely spread the news of Michele Ruffino's suicide. A seventeen year old subject to fierce bullying at school because he suffers from severe muscle hypotonia due to the adverse effects of a vaccination. Two judgments confirm this.