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Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "Uranium Depleted" # 2

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "Uranium Depleted" # 2

Meeting with Andrea Rinaldelli, father of Francesco Rinaldelli, a 26-year-old alpine who died in 2008 and whose causes of death are related to the theme of the Commission.
Friday 18 March - 20.30 pm

Are vaccines safe for our children? Are there pre-vaccination tests to avoid adverse reactions? Are there any serious adverse reactions to vaccines? Does the number of vaccines given affect the health of our children?

Among the various pages of the report of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, Uranio Impoverito, which deserves a complete reading, concealments, bad medical practice and total or partial lack of common sense in the vaccination practice of military personnel are highlighted and we will talk about it with Andrea Rinaldelli who will tell us about his never-ending battle against the institutions.

The video will be visible on our website and on all our social networks.

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