We continue the road of the FOIA on 210/92

We continue the road of the FOIA on 210/92

Many of you will remember that some time ago our association promoted an action concerning access to documents according to FOIA regulations, first proposed in our region and then "exported" to various other regions of Italy.

To be honest, with the exception of the Veneto region for which we moved independently, most of the work was carried out by a Tuscan mother on the CLiVa committee, one of the most active Italian groups with whom we collaborate and share a lot.

We come to today: following partial (but significant) responses from the Veneto Region, and equally partial and different (but significant) data received from other regions and individual ASLs consulted throughout Italy, we have decided that we cannot accept a non-response from the Ministry of Health to our main question: But how many are really affected by vaccine?

The importance of this action is quite evident: we know that the refrain "one in a million" - referred to the damage from vaccine - is false. Worse: it's a lie.

We also know that, for every recognized adverse reaction, for every compensation received from the families, hundreds are kept silent. But, even taking this fact into account, from the partial data in our possession it emerges that the numbers are much higher - despite everything - than those which the detractors of the precautionary principle want to imply.
For this reason, we have decided not to surrender to the Ministry's failure to reply and to propose a new request, this time reformulated with the advice of a law firm specializing in administrative law.

The first action had no cost in economic terms: we decided to "try". It went well with many regions, but not with the Ministry.
We have not given up, we have sought and found lawyers who could support us, obtained estimates, and we are now able to repeat access to the documents, in a more incisive way, supporting an expenditure of around € 1500 of consultancy, to which will be added other any expenses for an appeal (in case of no reply) for a total of about € 5000.

Are so many? Yes, for us yes. But this is an action that potentially can lead us to obtain reliable, incontrovertible data, from which to request more pharmacovigilance, active pharmacovigilance programs in all regions, greater clarity on vaccine damage and on the potential recognized adverse reactions.

Where there is risk, there must be freedom of choice: this we have shouted in every square of Italy and this we continue to claim.

We remind everyone that this is just another project that it adds to those already listed above. In order to continue on this path, to be able to achieve at least most of what we would like, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

If you believe in our battle, Consort. They are 26 euros per year who do not change their lives but, in many, we can make a difference, showing some facts, bringing to light the truths that are kept silent.

By now we have understood that vaccines are the biggest cause of coincidences in the world: we know it because we believe mothers and fathers who tell how their children have changed after the administration of a vaccine.
We know it because we know the stories of those who finally saw their right to compensation recognized, and we know the thousand obstacles that these families have had to face.

We know the denial of the evidence, we know the doctors 'attitude towards the parents' request for help, a thousand and more times we have heard of words whispered in a corridor but never written down, we have lost count of the heartbreaking stories of exhausted parents who finally, they give up and give up mentioning the word "vaccine" before these doctors, because every time they do, they are treated like fools, or ignorant, or fools, or liars.

As if a parent, at that moment, could think of finding an excuse and not, instead, of telling the whole truth to find out what happened to that beloved son.

We know that the truth is another, that they are not coincidences, but above all we know one thing, and we would like to demonstrate it: for every lie and for every negation, hundreds of parents open their eyes.

The best propagators of fake news are those who deny the evidence, the best no-vax are them: those who do not admit, those who hide, omit and cover up. Doctors or professors who fill their mouths with false-truths, denied by that same scientific community to which they appeal. It is from the last WHO summit on vaccinations that admissions arrive: adverse reactions are not known, answers to parents are not known, reassurances about the damage of aluminum are avoided, the coverage falls due to the lack of certain answers and fixed points on the safety of vaccines. They say it, not us. They deny it, not us. Dimostriamolo.