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We continue the road of the FOIA on 210/92 and we need some help!

We continue the road of the FOIA on 210/92 and we need some help!

Dear Members and Sympathizers, we start again with the action "Access to the Acts" (and we need some help!)

The legal deadlines that freeze the instrument of control and surveillance at the service of the citizen have expired. With the "Cura Italia" decree, the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), the generalized civic access that allows citizens to freely access the information and data collected by the Public Administration, was suspended from 17 March 2020.

Now we can get back on track and invest energy and resources to answer an important question for us: how many have been damaged and died as a result of vaccinations in Italy?

We left with the data of the Veneto Region: 40 subjects indemnified in Veneto from 2001 to 2015, with an average of almost 3 indemnified each year, including 3 deaths. This fact disproves the pharmacovigilance system of the Region, Canale Verde, which has always omitted deaths.

Over time, partial data has also been collected from other regions, thanks to friends like CLiVa Toscana and many groups of parents; now it is necessary to have a data at national level and to do this we are ready to go through all the necessary phases, also providing for any denials, non-responses or partial responses that can lead us to have to resort to the competent TAR.

In doing so, we have identified a specialized law firm, even of a certain caliber, that will follow us throughout the application process, possible review, and TAR where no exhaustive answers will arrive.

Currently we have all the estimates modulated by step and we are ready, we only need your support. If you believe in what we do, you can join Corvelva or make a donation helping us to obtain the desired results.

The reasons behind this action are varied and not only to discover a hidden truth, also because anyone of you will know that the data will in any case be underestimated compared to the real number of victims, but without prejudice to this, with the right and constant pressure of citizens one can go so far as to claim that this data is made public annually as they do in other countries.

As you know we are a small Venetian association and we can face certain projects only and exclusively with the help of all of you.

PS As always, all our requests, projects or product documents will be made available on our website to everyone.


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