Update on vaccine analyzes

Update on vaccine analyzes

This weekend we have provided all the material produced by the laboratories that analyzed the Infanrix Hexa, Hexyon, Priorix Tetra and Gardasil 9 vaccines to the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

From today the European Medicines Agency has the opportunity to verify the work done by our laboratories, a considerable amount of data if you think that each type used, NGS (metagenomics) and LC-MS (chemical-proteiche), they need 2 DVDs to contain all the files produced.

Already in the week we will see some foreign partners to whom we will deliver the same material to prepare the report to your regulatory body and the same thing we will do with all the friends around the world.

The mandatory vaccination, which is rampant in half the world, is a political issue and can no longer be separated from the product. The analyzes carried out by us pose serious doubts not only on the safety of vaccines, but also on their effectiveness and the policy, which spends billions of euros to "save millions of lives", should not afford to talk about obligations when it does not know the products of these obligations, unless there are other and different interests related to massive vaccination.

We will proceed to hammer like drums until there is no vaccination freedom in Veneto and Italy.


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