Friends, acquaintances, sympathizers

Friends, acquaintances, sympathizers

Friends, acquaintances, sympathizers,

to date Corvelva has only 1500 members in 2019. In the last half year we have responded to advice, suggestions, provided help to over 15.000 people directly and an indeterminate number indirectly.

We will continue to help everyone, but remember that you are Corvelva, your help. The concrete help of 6.000 members in 2017 and 3.000 members in 2018, has led us to carry out the projects made so far and only with yourwe can start and concretize others.

In other words, the trend of 2019 is that we responded and helped 5 times the people we helped in 2017, with 5 times fewer members and it wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have so many ideas and projects to develop.

Since 1993 Corvelva has always pursued an approach to associativism which is based on the non-clear distinction between members and non-members. Both the guidelines and the indications and the answers to the requests for help are given to everyone, without any distinction because this was the case 25 years ago and it will be like this in another 25 years. We are like that.

Corvelva is also actions and projects and these can only succeed thanks to the help derived from the membership fees and, we believe it is quite clear to everyone, we have several ideas and projects aimed at highlighting the reasons why freedom of choice in the therapeutic field is fundamental.

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