Let's go to Warsaw: hearing in the Polish Parliament

Let's go to Warsaw: hearing in the Polish Parliament
Well, here we are, a year is coming to an end and it must be said that it was crackling. Objectively, 2017 was a year of defense against continuous attacks. A year that has worn us out and worn us out. We cried and laughed, it was the year of the squares and how to forget Padua, Verona, Venice, Treviso and Vicenza with thousands of people in the square shouting Libertà (we talk about Veneto but all of Italy has given a lot).
2018 was the year of the uprising. We went from crying to reacting. The analyzes are only part of the work done and the bulk of it was done by you parents demanding freedom of choice.
2018 was also the year of the "change", at least on paper. A new government opened to hope, but then with the DDL770 partially closed them, even if the chapter is not at all concluded, quite the contrary. This government, if it has faults, one above all is to have disregarded the pop soul. Two parties, Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle who have always professed themselves as "close to the people" and have always had direct contact with the citizens, now fear to speak with those ugly and bad alleged NoVax ... and yes we ask only for freedom of choice in the therapeutic field.
While our rulers are thinking about whether and how to deal with the recent analyzes commissioned by us (no mention received), a foreign Parliament, the Polish one, invites us to present our results in a meeting entitled "Safety of vaccination".
For Corvelva to expose our analyzes will be Dr. Loretta Bolgan (as it is obvious that it is being a technical topic).
That day, in addition to Corvelva with the first results of our analyzes, Professor Christopher Exley was also invited to speak about the problems related to adjuvants ... in short, just like in Italy ... already!
There will be a Corvelva and a CLiVa Toscana representative in Parliament in Warsaw, merely as a representative, without taking a word but symbolically united, assisting together with this new small step.
Wishing everyone a good end 2018 and a very good start 2019, we immediately get ready for January 8 ... Warsaw awaits us and it will be a pleasure to meet the friends of "Stop Nop".
Greeting by Ferdinando Donolato and all the Corvelva Staff

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