Registration for "Corvelva 2020 members" is now open

Registration now open for "Corvelva 2020 Members"

Dear Members and Sympathizers, starting from today, 1st December, it will be possible to renew the membership fee for the year 2020.


Here's what you're going to support

Also for the 2020-2021 season we have decided to present a general program of actions that we will develop over the next two years, to explain the furrows traced and where we want to go. We can summarize the projects into four main categories, which are:

  • Communication
  • Legal area
  • Research
  • Projects related to the vaccine quality survey

If you believe that our battle be yours too, you can support it by joining Corvelva and together we will try to fight this liberticidal system also thanks to the network of businesses international we have built over time.

Thank you for your support, Happy Holidays, the staff

NOTE: : We remind you that registrations to Corvelva are valid for the calendar year, therefore regardless of the date of registration, the same will expire on 31/12 of each year. Members regularly registered on our site will be able to access the dedicated area on the site as well as a facebook group dedicated to them.

Members already registered for the year 2019 will be canceled, so a new registration must be redone. Corvelva has, some time ago, decided not to keep any data of the shareholders of the coming year, so at the end of the year we delete all the data in our possession starting from scratch. The protection of your privacy is fundamental for us.

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